Right now, we are living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our world is undergoing a stark digital transformation thanks to rapid technological advancements in automation and virtual reality.

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One of the biggest enablers of this transformation is the Internet of Things (IoT), with billions of physical devices around the world now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data, and it’s only getting bigger. In fact, Forbes predicts that by 2020, the IoT market will grow to $457 billion dollars, with 20.4 billion connected things around the world.

From driverless cars to vats of dairy milk, IoT is not about simply gathering data, but smart, connected and intelligent ways to build insights that solve real-world problems. Major industries such as transport and logistics are using the power of IoT to drive change with far-reaching benefits.

We’re lifting the lid on the exciting world of IoT in our newest podcast – Telstra Enterprise Behind The Mic. Hosted by radio presenter and tech enthusiast Adam Spencer, this five part series will explore, explain and expose the truth behind the $300 billion industry. We’ll tackle the most pressing issues facing the country and how IoT is finding solutions to our everyday real business challenges.

We’ll dive into the transport industry, where IoT is being used to help improve safety for everyone in the community. In the first episode, we speak to Linfox CIO, Conrad Harvey about the company’s commitment to use IoT to improve maintenance procedures to help prevent road injuries across the country. We also speak to the Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) about the future of transport, and the socio and economic benefits of self-driving cars.

We’ll examine IoT in agriculture, and we find out how IoT helped Peloris export fresh milk over 7000 kilometres from Australia to China in just 36 hours.

We’ll look at how we’re building cities of the future: where smart bins notify waste teams when bins need to be emptied; environmental monitors detect the light, temperature, noise and humidity in parks in near real-time. Or, IoT enabled parking lots help manage traffic congestion during peak periods. All of this technology exists today and could even be making the city you live in more efficient and sustainable right now.

We’ll also tackle some big issues: how we help save water with IoT sensors that measure water levels and leak detections helping farmers to save huge amounts of water – a precious resource in Australia, especially during drought season.

We are taking an active role in these in exciting advancements of IoT in Australia. We are developing and delivering world-class IoT technology, networks, capability and use cases that benefit our customers now and into the future. So tune in and subscribe via your favourite podcast platform to stay up to date on how IoT is transforming our world.