Tim O'Leary

Chief Sustainability Officer - Telstra

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Why I’m stepping up again for Steptember

By Tim O'Leary September 17, 2019
Sustainability Report

Becoming a more sustainable business every single day

By Tim O'Leary August 30, 2019
Sustainability Report

Industry associations and the valuable role they play

By Tim O'Leary April 26, 2019

Our assistance package for drought affected Australian customers

By Tim O'Leary August 2, 2018
Albany Wind Farm near the town of Albany, Western Australia

Powering Australia’s agricultural future

By Tim O'Leary March 23, 2018
nbn disruption and ADSL disruption.

Our response to Rank the Telcos survey

By Tim O'Leary April 27, 2017
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Building a new kind of network

By Tim O'Leary April 11, 2017

Why we’re extending free calls for mental health services

By Tim O'Leary October 14, 2016
Telstra News

Why a new Spice Girls video is going viral

By Tim O'Leary September 19, 2016
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Free calls to Italy in the wake of earthquake

By Tim O'Leary August 25, 2016
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Australian Digital Inclusion Index: Impact of information

By Tim O'Leary August 24, 2016
Telstra News

Telstra offers free calls to Belgium

By Tim O'Leary March 23, 2016
Telstra News

20,000 Safe Smart Phones for Those Impacted by Domestic Violence

By Tim O'Leary March 17, 2016
Telstra News

Free Calls to Fiji in wake of Cyclone Winston

By Tim O'Leary February 23, 2016
Telstra News

Telstra offers free calls to France and Lebanon following Beirut and Paris attacks

By Tim O'Leary November 14, 2015
Telstra News

The Sustainable Development Goals – A Compass for Business

By Tim O'Leary October 20, 2015
Telstra News

Better telecommunication services for remote NT communities

By Tim O'Leary October 19, 2015

Measuring the digital divide

By Tim O'Leary September 28, 2015
Telstra News

Technology developments and our Disability Action Plan

By Tim O'Leary May 18, 2015
Telstra News

Telstra offers free calls to earthquake devastated Nepal

By Tim O'Leary May 13, 2015
Telstra News

Addressing the digital divide

By Tim O'Leary March 30, 2015
Telstra News

Telstra offers free calls to cyclone devastated Vanuatu

By Tim O'Leary March 22, 2015
Telstra News

Recognising Safe Connections

By Tim O'Leary March 12, 2015
Telstra News

Tech Savvy Seniors see value in training

By Tim O'Leary March 3, 2015
Telstra News

Finding a balance

By Tim O'Leary February 3, 2015

Making the connection

By Tim O'Leary December 18, 2014
Telstra News

Fostering Safe Connections

By Tim O'Leary December 1, 2014
Telstra Foundation

Connecting with a Sustainable Future: Telstra’s Environment Strategy

By Tim O'Leary October 16, 2014

Removing CAPTCHA to give access for all

By Tim O'Leary September 23, 2014
Telstra News

Introducing the Bigger Picture 2014 Sustainability Report

By Tim O'Leary September 1, 2014

A journey to recognition

By Tim O'Leary August 1, 2014

Innovation for everyone

By Tim O'Leary July 14, 2014

ONE simple way to make a difference

By Tim O'Leary June 2, 2014
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Tim O’Leary reflects on digital exclusion among senior Australians

By Tim O'Leary May 5, 2014
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Telstra connects with a low carbon future

By Tim O'Leary April 1, 2014
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What was the One Good Thing you did online?

By Tim O'Leary March 5, 2014
Telstra News
A sleeping homeless person

This week is Homeless Persons Week

By Tim O'Leary August 5, 2013

Silent Line Fee Exemptions Commence

By Tim O'Leary May 28, 2013
Telstra News

Celebrating Telstra’s volunteers

By Tim O'Leary May 15, 2013
Telstra News

Telstra to review Silent Line fees

By Tim O'Leary February 26, 2013
Telstra News

Everyone Connected through Telstra community grants

By Tim O'Leary September 25, 2012

Telstra Foundation launches $8 million cybersafety partnership

By Tim O'Leary August 27, 2012
Smartphone Safety Hub

Telstra supports a National Disability Insurance Scheme

By Tim O'Leary April 26, 2012
Telstra News

Behind the scenes with EME

By Tim O'Leary September 30, 2011
Tech and Innovation