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New Health app will deliver a connected healthcare experience

Telstra News

Posted on April 3, 2017

2 min read

Telstra’s Health’s Rowan Wilkie talks about a new application that is under development that has the opportunity to be a one stop shop for Australian consumers for their health information, appointments and records.

Just like banking, transport or retail, the health sector is going through a fundamental transformation driven by digital technology.  Given the complexities inherently involved in delivering healthcare and the sensitivity of health data however, some of the changes and benefits technology can bring are not yet as obvious to patients and consumers.

It is clear that technology will play a key role in supporting healthcare organisations to enhance interactions between patients and providers.  Indeed, there is great benefit to be derived from connecting up different parts of the health sector.

At Telstra Health, this is what we’re working towards. Over the past six months, we have been busy working on an exciting health app – HealthNow – that brings together a number of our capabilities in specialist healthcare software and platforms in a one-stop shop for Australian consumers.

The goal is to give people access to their health records at their fingertips, as well as manage their health appointments, keep track of prescriptions and also receive tailored preventative health messages.

The app will utilise our health technology solutions. For example, through existing Telstra Health services, we will work towards consumers gaining access to diagnostic images delivered via our Medinexus service and online hospital check-ins using our Queue Manager system. We are looking to integrate more solutions and functionality based on healthcare provider and patient feedback.

We are also one of the only organisations so far to be granted authorisation to integrate the Government’s My Health Record into the app. This means that, subject to a range of stringent security, privacy and technology requirements set by the Government, people will be able to access their My Health Record through the app. This does not mean though that Telstra or any third party will gain access to this information – only the app user can see the data.

We are excited about the potential of the HealthNow app, which aims to help patients, healthcare providers, Government agencies and insurance companies connect with each other for better healthcare outcomes for all Australians. The app is currently being trialled ahead of a public launch later this year. Follow @TelstraHealth for updates.



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