Nikos Katinakis

Group Executive, Networks & IT - Telstra

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3G is closing, but it’s not going anywhere until June 2024

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Telstra AWS Edge MOU

We’re pushing closer to the edge with AWS

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Breaking the 5G speed barrier with new records

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Connecting our 700th mobile black spot to the future

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Australia’s best 5G now in more places

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Unveiling our first 5G device, after a year of network evolution

We’ve smashed another speed record with mmWave 5G

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Cyber security monitoring operations control room

How we’re bolstering our digital economy with stronger fixed and mobile connectivity

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Switching on SMS over Wi-Fi on our mobile network

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Unveiling our first 5G device, after a year of network evolution

We’re the first to enable standalone 5G in Australia

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1, 2, 3, 4 and 5: the continuing evolution of our mobile network

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Telstra News

5G arrives at the MCG, just in time for the AFL Grand Final

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Walhalla - 600th Mobile Black Spot under the MBSP

Going for gold with our 600th Mobile Black Spot site in Walhalla

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Cellular V2X project in partnership with VicRoads and Lexus

Making our roads safer with connected vehicles

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Connecting the skies of Melbourne with Uber Air

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Blocking websites hosting footage of the Christchurch terrorist attack

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The Telstra Innovation Challenge is back, with a focus on supply and logistical IoT

The Telstra Innovation Challenge is back

By Nikos Katinakis March 14, 2019
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Making Australia’s first 5G to 5G video call

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