Kate McKenzie

Chief Operations Officer - Telstra Operations

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NBN Disruption: What Happened

nbn and ADSL Disruption: What Happened

By Kate McKenzie May 27, 2016
Telstra News
nbn disruption and ADSL disruption.

Details on nbn and ADSL disruption

By Kate McKenzie May 23, 2016
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Finding your business story

By Kate McKenzie May 17, 2016
Business and Enterprise

Network review complete

By Kate McKenzie May 2, 2016

Reinforcing our commitment to network resilience

By Kate McKenzie April 4, 2016

An update on our mobile outage

By Kate McKenzie February 9, 2016
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An open letter to The Age Newspaper

By Kate McKenzie December 9, 2015
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2015 Telstra University Challenge winners announced

By Kate McKenzie September 24, 2015
Telstra News
Do good. Geek out.

Team Poppy named winner of inaugural Appiness Hackathon

By Kate McKenzie June 4, 2013

Supporting vibrant Indigenous small businesses

By Kate McKenzie May 16, 2013
Small Business

Celebrate innovation by nominating someone for a Telstra Business Women’s Award today

By Kate McKenzie May 1, 2012
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Shining the spotlight on women in telecoms

By Kate McKenzie March 8, 2012
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