John Chambers

Telstra Home and Premium Services, Executive Director
John Chambers has 20 years’ experience in the IT and Telecom industry, but values his earlier work as a Maitre-D and rehabilitation counsellor as crucial in preparing him for a career of passionate service. As Executive Director of Telstra Home and Premium Services John and his team have the opportunity to contribute to the future of how Australians live in their homes. Recently as Executive Director of Mobile Products, John led a team responsible for designing Telstra’s mobile plans and offers, bringing the world’s best smartphones, tablets and wearables to Australia, managing Telstra’s fast-growing machine-to-machine business and pioneering the introduction of innovative services like Telstra New Phone Feeling. John has served customers of all shapes and sizes at Telstra, from leading accounts for some of Telstra’s largest enterprise customers through to leading both fixed and mobile product portfolios. John holds a Degree in Economics from Macquarie University.

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