Jim Fagan

Telstra, Director, Cloud Practice
Based in Hong Kong, Jim Fagan is responsible for oversight of the company's suite of managed services. Jim has 15 years of diverse experience, including product management and financial management that he brings to Pacnet. He previously worked at Rackspace as Managing Director of Asia Pacific, where he oversaw the management, strategy and growth of the company’s Asia Pacific operations. He also served as Director of Financial Operations, and was instrumental in supporting the company’s IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. Prior to joining Rackspace, Jim was at Dell for nine years, most recently as Finance Controller for the Managed Service business, where he was responsible for the overall financial management and pricing structure of the company’s services division. Previously, Jim worked at Chase Manhattan Bank and Sei Corporation. Jim holds an MBA from Arizona State University and a BS in Finance from Villanova University.

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