Gigi Silk

Communications Advisor - Corporate Affairs

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C U L8R, MUM :)

A short lesson on TikTok slang and textspeak

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Celebrating over 10 years of selfies

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HOW TO: Change the dock buttons on your Samsung Galaxy

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Android and Telstra

Just when you thought Telstra + Android couldn’t get any better

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Top travel apps

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4G coverage on the ski fields

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From Bollywood to Melbourne

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I took a shower with my smartphone, the Sony Xperia Z

By Gigi Silk April 9, 2013

Happy Easter – See you all on Tuesday!

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How news companies use social media

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Nomophobia: a fear of being without your phone

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What is your ideal mobile phone?

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Using your iOS apps to get ready for summer

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Featured App – Shazam

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Olympic Heroes – All our athletes have done us proud

By Gigi Silk August 14, 2012
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App of the week: Wake Up and Smell the Vegemite

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App of the week: MapMyRUN+

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App of the week: Öffi Public Transport Buddy – Android

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