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We’re open during the holidays

Telstra News

Posted on December 24, 2015

2 min read

The holidays are finally here. If you’re like us you’ve been busy getting through what feels like an endless of list of shopping, Christmas parties and those last minute things that need to be done before many businesses close over the Christmas and New Year break.  But while most of the country will be on holiday for the next few weeks, the good news is Telstra will remain open throughout, providing you with personal service around the clock.

Here are our top five tips that will allow you to stay in control and manage your accounts and services on the go while you spend precious time with family and friends.

  1. Got a new mobile phone for Christmas? has interactive help guides for a range of mobiles, on everything from phone set up, what the display icons mean to using the camera function and connecting a Bluetooth device.
  2. On the Telstra 24×7 App, you can check your account balance, current and previous estimated usage, set alerts and reminders, switch to email bill, make payments, set up direct debit and recharge your Pre-Paid services, just to name a few. Download the Telstra 24×7 App now from
  3. Travelling these holidays? If you’re going overseas you can stay connected on your mobile phone or tablet with our Travel Passes, which will help manage your international roaming costs. And if you’re a Telstra Air member, you’ll have access to millions of Wi-Fi hot spots overseas.
  4. If you need to retrieve your username or password, activate international roaming, get a PUK code, report a payment, request a payment extension, bar a Premium SMS service or check your service status and more, simply jump onto
  5. Question about your bill? Check out where you’ll find helpful information explaining your bill in detail, section by section, including a video explainer. There’s also some handy tips on how to request email bill, organise payments by direct debit and set alerts to help you pay your bills on time.

And don’t forget our LiveChat, Facebook, Twitter and CrowdSupport teams are also on hand these holidays for help and support.

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There’s No Going Back – 2015 Telstra Digital Summit

Telstra News

Posted on October 23, 2015

2 min read

Australia’s new Federal Minister for Communications, Senator Mitch Fifield, author and digital analyst Brian Solis, Twitter’s Karen Stocks, Uber’s David Rohrsheim, and Telstra’s own Andy Penn and Karsten Wildberger are headlining the agenda at the fourth annual Australian Digital Summit in Sydney on Monday.

This annual event is a high profile gathering of global thought leaders in all things digital. Together we’ll explore where technology is taking us and how this is changing what we do and how we do it.

The theme of this year’s Summit is “There’s no going back: The intersection of people, business and digitisation”. Digital is now an essential part of our lives, and in the strategic plans of every successful business.

Indeed, digital “pureplays” are now dominating many traditional industries such as:

  • Uber, which is revolutionising the taxi industry – but owns no taxis
  • Airbnb, which is bigger than many of the world’s largest hotel companies – but owns no real estate
  • Even here at Telstra, more than half of our service transactions are now done digitally

Digital technology helps companies know and serve their customers better than ever before. It can help with speed to market and the delivery of new products and services. And it drives innovation.

At Telstra we call ourselves a Digital First company, and have a leading voice in the global conversation about the opportunities digital technology offers.

The Summit also features the judging and announcement of the annual Telstra Digital Scholarships. Three start-up companies will have the opportunity to pitch their project to the audience with the winner receiving a hosted trip to South by South West (SXSW) in Austin Texas to meet other entrepreneurs, investors and digital specialists.

Join us via the live stream, follow it on Twitter (#DigitalSummit) and let us know your questions. We’d love to see you there.

See the full list of speakers and find out more information


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Apps spur digital transaction growth

Tech and Innovation

Posted on June 22, 2015

3 min read

This month we have reached a tipping point in Telstra – more than 50 percent of all service transactions were done digitally.

Whether it was paying a bill, updating an address, activating Extra Data or checking data usage more than half of these actions were performed online. This is really quite remarkable when you consider four years ago this number was 26 percent.

So what has driven the change in our customers’ behaviour? Firstly, we’ve moved to where our customers want us to be. Launched in 2012, there are now more than 2.1million regular users of the Telstra 24×7 App. More service transactions are now done through our App than through My Account, showing our customers have a clear preference for managing their lives on the go.

In just the past year alone we’ve added new functionality to the Telstra 24×7 App such as the ability to recontract handset, recharge via Paypal and manage direct debits to help customers do more of what they want where they want.

To cater to the on the go preference we are mobile optimising My Account, making it as user friendly on a mobile device as it is from a large screen.

But it’s not just about the technology, it’s about human behaviour. Whether it is ordering a ride through Uber, booking a nights’ accommodation through Airbnb or navigating with Google Maps consumers have an increasing expectation they will be able to self-serve – after all “There’s an app for that”.

Using digital tools, customers are able to interact with Telstra when and where it’s convenient for them.

In fact we had 400 million customer contacts online this year. If you consider that each of these take an average of two minutes that is approximately 1522 years of contact that was handled through our digital channels

Ultimately it’s about offering choice and being where our customers want us to be when they want to deal with us – and increasingly that’s online.

Top five things you can do online

79% of all Extra data transactions completed through online channels
75% of all payments are digital
50% of all pre-paid recharges are digital
84% of Telstra 24×7 App users are viewing/managing call and data usage
More than 500,000 customers have used our ADSL troubleshooting tool

Uber is a registered trademark of Uber Technologies, Inc.
Airbnb is a registered trademark of Airbnb, Inc.
Google Maps is a trade mark of Google Inc.
Telstra 24×7 is a registered trade mark of Telstra Corporation Limited.

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Understanding broadband speeds on fixed networks

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Download a Telstra Treat

Telstra News

Posted on February 23, 2015

2 min read

This week we’re expanding our Telstra Treats service to offer special deals and discounts to our customers in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Telstra Treats delivers special offers from participating retailers directly to customers’ smartphones via a “contextual” app that hand-picks them based on the customer’s location, age, gender, time of day and their personal preferences to make sure the offers are relevant to each user.

So a customer walking past a Mad Mex around dinner time might receive an offer for a free drink when they purchase a burrito, or gym junkies may be offered a discount package on a personal training course. Thursday’s Treat may be a discount at a nail salon or beauty store in preparation for the weekend.

Available in Sydney and Melbourne since last year, Telstra Treats is part of how we’re saying thanks to our customers for their business and loyalty. (more…)

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Opening of the Telstra Digital Transformation Centre in Sydney

Telstra News

Posted on September 12, 2014

2 min read

Today I was honoured to be joined by the Hon Andrew Constance, Treasurer of NSW, Robert ‘Scobelizer’ Scoble from San Francisco and many of our partners, as we celebrated the opening the Sydney Digital Transformation Centre.

This new space is now the Sydney home of Digital First, our company-wide program to become a leader in the application of digital tools and methods with the aim to improve customer experience and reduce cost dramatically. (more…)

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