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Krystal Hurst portrait

NATSIAA 2020 finalists share intimate portraits of our history

By Genelle Sharples July 29, 2020
ARIA Awards 2019 - Music Teachers - Red Carpet

Nominate an inspirational music teacher for the 2020 Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award

By Genelle Sharples June 3, 2020
MCA - Biennale of Sydney

Support Australia’s arts and artists online

By Genelle Sharples May 4, 2020
2020 NRL - 2020 NRL Season Launch - Captains

Still simply the best: NRL is back for 2020

By Genelle Sharples March 10, 2020

Sport for good as codes kick off bushfire relief rounds

By Genelle Sharples February 28, 2020
Telstra News
2019 Telstra Ballet Dancer Awards’ ‘Rising Star’ and 'People's Choice' winners

The 2019 Telstra Ballet Dancer Award winner is…

By Genelle Sharples November 30, 2019
NATSIAA People's Choice winner

Celebrating the 2019 Telstra NATSIAA People’s Choice Award winner

By Genelle Sharples November 1, 2019
Telstra News
Julia and Emma Wiggle at Gunnedah Public School

Meet the nominees for the 2019 Telstra ARIA Music Teacher of the Year Award

By Genelle Sharples October 11, 2019
This year’s Jim Stynes Community Leadership Award was Stephen Coniglio of the GWS Giants

Backing community leadership with the AFL

By Genelle Sharples September 26, 2019
AFL 2019 Round 23 - Sydney v St Kilda

AFL’s top performers revealed by Telstra Tracker

By Genelle Sharples September 13, 2019
2019 Telstra Ballet Dancer Awards

Recognising Australia’s rising stars in the 2019 Telstra Ballet Dancer Awards

By Genelle Sharples September 3, 2019

2019 Telstra NATSIAA winners announced, People’s Choice voting opens

By Genelle Sharples August 9, 2019
Timo Hogan - NATSIAA 2019 Finalist

Telstra NATSIAA 2019 finalists speak their truths through art

By Genelle Sharples July 4, 2019
MAGNT; 35TH TELSTRA NATSIAA Gallery views, opening weekend

Telstra NATSIAA in 2019: Celebrating diverse and accessible First Nations art and artists

By Genelle Sharples April 30, 2019

Rewarding a rising star in Australian ballet

By Genelle Sharples December 3, 2018
2018 35TH Telstra NATSIAA winners

Dreamtime at the museum: 2018 Telstra NATSIAA a festival of Indigenous culture

By Genelle Sharples August 11, 2018
Celebrating new Indigenous artistic talent at Telstra NATSIAA 2018

Celebrating new Indigenous artistic talent at Telstra NATSIAA 2018

By Genelle Sharples August 8, 2018
NRL star executes remote mentoring for regional athletes

Technology that is inspiring the next generation of sporting stars

By Genelle Sharples December 12, 2017
Renee McCarthy, winner of the inaugural Telstra ARIA Music Teacher of the Year Award, 2017

Meet the winner of the first ever ARIA Music Teacher of the Year award

By Genelle Sharples November 29, 2017
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