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CEO - Telstra

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Melbourne at dusk

Seizing the opportunities after COVID

By Andrew Penn May 25, 2020
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Man on mobile phone with tablet at work

Safer online and the new normal

By Andrew Penn May 6, 2020
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Small business woman working from home on desktop computer with daughter on tablet

Supporting our customers during COVID-19

By Andrew Penn April 14, 2020
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Telstra Building Foyer - Sydney

Emerging from COVID-19 – fast, smart and connected

By Andrew Penn April 8, 2020
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Getting through COVID-19 together

By Andrew Penn March 20, 2020
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Wind and solar farm, Australia

Carbon neutral from this year, enabling 100% renewable energy by 2025, and reducing absolute emissions 50% by 2030 – we’re acting on climate change

By Andrew Penn March 4, 2020
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The heart of responsible business

By Andrew Penn February 6, 2020
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Telstra Air phone booth

Making payphones and Telstra Air free for all, and mobile emergency websites free for our customers

By Andrew Penn January 5, 2020
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Fire brigade emergency services

Assisting our firefighting heroes by picking up the bill

By Andrew Penn January 1, 2020
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Solar Farm - Emerald Solar Park

Stepping up to meet the challenge of climate change

By Andrew Penn December 19, 2019
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Bringing regional Australia into the 5G future

By Andrew Penn December 11, 2019
College students studying in library

Investing in Australia’s future technology talent

By Andrew Penn October 16, 2019
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2019 Australian Digital Inclusion Index

Working to make society more digitally included

By Andrew Penn September 17, 2019

Tackling the changing face of customer service

By Andrew Penn September 13, 2019
Tech and Innovation

A chance to get nbn pricing right for all

By Andrew Penn July 30, 2019

Five lessons from a year at the coalface of transformation

By Andrew Penn June 4, 2019
Launch of our first 5G device - HTC 5G Hub

Providing our customers with more choice as we build 5G

By Andrew Penn May 22, 2019

5G’s killer app? It’s bigger than that

By Andrew Penn April 5, 2019
A Telstra customer signs up for Telstra Plus: our new rewards program for customers

Telstra Plus: our new rewards program for customers

By Andrew Penn April 2, 2019
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Our ongoing investment in regional and rural Australia

By Andrew Penn March 13, 2019

Solving customer problems before they knew they had them

By Andrew Penn February 11, 2019
Tech and Innovation

How you can get first access to 5G devices

By Andrew Penn January 10, 2019

We are always learning from our customers

By Andrew Penn December 10, 2018
Small Business

Telstra invests $386m to secure 30-80MHz nationwide in 5G spectrum auction

By Andrew Penn December 10, 2018
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Driving change for our customers

Driving change for our customers

By Andrew Penn October 25, 2018
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Turning on 5G in Adelaide, Canberra and Perth

By Andrew Penn October 24, 2018

We’ve connected 500 black spot base stations and over 100 million calls

By Andrew Penn October 2, 2018

5G: where promise meets reality

By Andrew Penn September 10, 2018

Connecting Australia’s farmers to the world

By Andrew Penn August 29, 2018

Our record breaking weekend for sports streaming

By Andrew Penn August 10, 2018

Transforming how we work

By Andrew Penn July 30, 2018
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Leaving legacy behind and Telstra2022

Leaving legacy behind

By Andrew Penn July 23, 2018
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5G a step closer after another world first

By Andrew Penn July 16, 2018
Telstra2022 - our plan to lead

T22 – our plan to lead

By Andrew Penn June 20, 2018
CEO Andy Penn talks Telstra half year 2018 financial results

CEO Andy Penn talks Telstra half year 2018 financial results

By Andrew Penn February 15, 2018
Financial Results
Andy Penn at CES 2018

Lessons from CES 2018: everything is connected

By Andrew Penn January 24, 2018
Tech and Innovation
Security Operations Centre

The next industrial revolution is here, ready or not

By Andrew Penn December 19, 2017
Tech and Innovation

Marriage law poll result is a welcome decision

By Andrew Penn November 15, 2017

Telstra welcomes ACCC’s announcement to not declare roaming

By Andrew Penn October 23, 2017

An easy decision in a difficult debate

By Andrew Penn September 15, 2017
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Foxtel, Fox Sports Australia to combine

By Andrew Penn August 21, 2017
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NATSIAA: We’re proud to be part of this story

By Andrew Penn August 14, 2017
5G mobile data

How we’re riding the 4G and 5G express train to the future

By Andrew Penn July 12, 2017

Time to end uncertainty over regional investment

By Andrew Penn May 5, 2017

Cyber risk – a view from the Boardroom

By Andrew Penn April 18, 2017
Business and Enterprise

Foreword by Andy Penn

By Andrew Penn March 24, 2017
Telstra News

The Internet of (billions of smart, connected) things

By Andrew Penn March 21, 2017

Creating gender equality means being bold for change

By Andrew Penn March 8, 2017
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Solving for 5G

By Andrew Penn February 24, 2017

Innovation acceleration: tech and telco converge at CES 2017

By Andrew Penn January 18, 2017
Tech and Innovation

Improving Network Performance

By Andrew Penn June 29, 2016

Transforming the customer experience

By Andrew Penn May 19, 2016
Telstra News

Renewing our active position on marriage equality

By Andrew Penn April 18, 2016
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Telstra’s support of marriage equality

By Andrew Penn April 14, 2016
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Update on our mobile network disruption and free data day

By Andrew Penn March 18, 2016
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Stop Adapting to Mobile Devices; Adapt to Mobile People

By Andrew Penn March 7, 2016

CES2016: Why your customer service weak spot is your competitor’s sweet spot

By Andrew Penn January 8, 2016
Tech and Innovation

Building an innovation nation

By Andrew Penn December 7, 2015
Tech and Innovation

Making the right calls for customers

By Andrew Penn December 3, 2015
Telstra News

Think Cyber Risk is an IT Issue? You’re Missing Half the Story

By Andrew Penn November 4, 2015
Cyber Security
Gender equality and gender diversity are important in the workforce.

Disrupting diversity: Moving the needle on gender equality

By Andrew Penn September 28, 2015
Telstra Careers

Why I’m a technology optimist – and you should be too

By Andrew Penn July 28, 2015
Business and Enterprise

Connecting with the future

By Andrew Penn July 9, 2015
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Growth opportunities in Asia and beyond

By Andrew Penn October 2, 2014
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Action against homelessness: Rally for Mouse

By Andrew Penn February 14, 2014

Why I’m selling The Big Issue

By Andrew Penn February 4, 2014

Mix of old and new adds dynamism to Indigenous art

By Andrew Penn August 22, 2013