Among the many 5G demonstrations on the Telstra Vantage floor this year was Australia’s first live 5G broadcast.

Australia’s first live 5G broadcast - Kurrawa beach, Queensland

In partnership with Igloovision, Summit Tech Multimedia Communications and Magna Group, we streamed 360° video, live over 5G, from Kurrawa beach, Queensland onto the Vantage show floor in an eye-popping 8k resolution.

The 8k resolution created an immersive experience that transported Telstra Vantage guests from the grey skies of Melbourne to the sunnier climes of the Gold Coast. The content streamed with only a two-second delay between Queensland and Victoria and we were even able to include interactive features with picture-in-picture video calling.

Australia’s first live 5G broadcast - Kurrawa beach, Queensland

The live stream was another demonstration of how we continue to lead in 5G. It also gives a glimpse of the potential 5G has to revolutionise the entertainment industries.

The increased capacity of 5G has the capability to deliver more immersive, higher resolution experiences beyond the ability of 4G. 5G is about more than just making high-definition and Ultra High Definition content ubiquitous in this country. It’s about empowering 360° filmmaking, virtual reality and augmented reality applications and the promise of new tools for broadcasters and content creators to work with.

Last year, at our 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast, we showed off one of the world’s first sports gaming experiences over 5G to pro esports team The Chiefs. Then, in the controlled environment of our testing facility, we showed off how the ultra-low latency of 5G -about four times lower than that of 4G – could enhance the gaming experience and inspire developers within the gaming industry.

Australia’s first live 5G broadcast - Kurrawa beach, Queensland

Today at Telstra Vantage, we expanded that demonstration of the capabilities of 5G from esports to other forms of entertainment. And we are not the only people to think so – Samsung recently leveraged 5G technologies to demonstrate a multi-angle sports broadcasting and KT has rolled out a 5G based ultra-high definition live broadcasting service, providing 5G equipment to news broadcaster Seoul Broadcasting System.

The potential for 5G to expand into the broadcasting space is exponential, and if we can inspire the next generation of content creators, who knows what the future of entertainment may be – a virtual reality season of Game of Thrones, or perhaps the AFL Grand Final broadcast in 360 from the centre circle?