Just like Francis, our “Collector of Firsts”, says, there’s something very special about having the first of something.

From today, we’re putting a very special first into our customers’ hands – the power of Australia’s first 5G network, with the launch of the nation’s inaugural 5G handset, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

The possibilities 5G offers are extensive. Its potential to deliver high speeds and low latency can enable not only fast download speeds for our customers, but also unlocks capacity for thousands of new devices working together on our network.

In ideal conditions, unaffected by congestion and other factors that will affect speed, the results on the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G in speed test are so far impressive.

We expect customers to experience slower speeds when using one of these devices in real world conditions, and we have more testing to do before we can give a range of typical speeds on Telstra 5G, but we expect 5G will be typically faster than 4G today and it will continue to improve as the 5G technology is further refined.

We have started rolling out 5G in 10 cities around Australia. Over the next 12 months or so we expect our 5G coverage to increase in area almost five-fold and reach into at least 35 Australian cities. Importantly, all of Telstra’s 5G devices will work in our 5G and 4GX coverage areas, to provide customers our best possible mobile speeds available.

As well as its superior connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G packs in an incredibly vibrant 6.7-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED display, which pushes vivid detail right to the edge of the screen thanks to its Infinity-O Display technology. Then there’s the pioneering features it shares with its other members of the Galaxy S10 family, such as the first ever ultrasonic fingerprint reader and a wireless PowerShare feature, which allows you charge other devices simply by resting them on the back of your smartphone.

As part of the Telstra and Samsung partnership, customers who purchased a Samsung Galaxy S10+ through Telstra during the eligibility period earlier this year can now take advantage of the special upgrade offer, which allows them to trade in their S10+ for the new S10 5G at no extra cost. These customers will have 21 days from 28 May to redeem the offer.

We’re proud to partner our ground-breaking 5G network with Samsung’s first incredible 5G-enabled handset to help make technology history today. 5G will unlock a world of possibilities for our customers, and we can’t wait to see all of them brought to life.

Telstra currently offers 5G in select areas and is progressively rolling it out to other areas. In non-5G coverage areas, you’ll enjoy Australia’s fastest average 4G speeds on our extensive 4GX coverage footprint and automatically switch to 3G in areas beyond . Check coverage at telstra.com/coverage.