‘Why’ is a difficult question no matter what you’re asking about. It is also a deeply important question, and one that we ask ourselves every day – why do we do what we do?

As Australia’s biggest telco, and its longest-running communications network, we understand the unique place that we occupy in Australian culture and conversation.

Our organisation was born out of the Postmaster General’s Department, met the world as the Overseas Telecommunications Commission, cut its teeth as Telecom and launched into the internet age as Telstra. We have been around a long time.

We know the privilege that we have because of our long history at the centre of Australian telecommunications, but we also keenly feel the responsibility and challenge that comes from existing – in one form or another – for well over a century.

With our new campaign, we didn’t want to simply talk about what we have to offer our customers. We wanted to demonstrate the many ways in which Telstra touches the lives of Australians – from Karratha to Kettering, from Traralgon to the Tiwi Islands, from Geelong to Gerringong – for us, Australia is why. Australia is everything to us.

We are deeply committed to this country’s success, and the success of everyone in it. We will continue to invest in the people and telecommunications infrastructure that will enable our nation’s future prosperity. Our work is to help Australia to grow, here at home but also to ensure our competitiveness on a global scale. We do that when we roll out new mobile towers and fibre cables, when we upgrade our networks with the latest technology, when we invest in subsea cables that stretch the globe. It also matters when we design and test our products – Smart Modems, Wi-Fi extenders, Telstra Go repeaters, Blue Ticks for phones – specifically for an Australian context.

Our mobile network covers a million more square kilometres than our closest competitor, we’re kicking goals left and right on 5G, and we’re listening to our customers all across the country to always provide better support and better service than the day before. We put a lot of our focus on regional Australia; we know our customers in the regions are just as important and just as valuable as those in the big cities. That’s especially true when it comes to times of crisis, when we’re called on to provide disaster relief and assistance through fires and floods and keep our customers connected when they need it most.

We connect our children’s schools to the world, service our critical industries with specialised infrastructure, support Aussie small businesses to thrive and digitise, and help our farmers in their mission to grow and produce across our wide brown land. We support the ballet, the footy, the mental health of our kids and the digital literacy of our elderly. We support reconciliation and marriage equality. We’re taking bold action on climate change to step up and meet the defining challenge of the 2020s.

We believe it is people who give purpose to the technology that we provide. Because of that, we’re committed to staying close to our customers and providing them the best experience on the best network.

At Telstra, we do these things because Australia is always at the centre of our thoughts and actions, and because to us, Australia is why.