CES Las Vegas – 2010

First look and opening comments: Thursday 6 January, 2010 

What more could a self confessed technology lover want more than to spend four days at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas? 

CES is the largest technology show in the world. Over 100,000 consumer electronics and industry folk will attend. 

After a rather uneventful (thankfully) flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles, then a two stop ride to Vegas, I arrived rather exhausted but determined not to succumb to jetlag. Taking a shuttle bus to the Las Vegas Convention Centre, I made my way to the Press / Blogger rooms to get my official ticket holder. This seemingly trivial and unimportant task is actually second only to passing through airport security. Not only did I need to show the letter, ticket and swipe card I received in the mail, but I had to show my drivers licence, business card, work ID and passport, in order to receive a sponsored, goes around the neck, bright yellow ticket holder, and a show satchel.  

I shouldn’t joke about this – security is tight – both for attendees and exhibitors. There are probably very few venues in the world that holds the future technology releases on display in one (well several actually) venue. 

The benefit of walking around with a glazed, “I’ve just flown for 21 hours leave me a lone” look, was that I managed to sneak into the central hall yesterday and see some of the displays being erected, and presentations being practiced. What a treat I am in for! 

Green technology is a big feature at this year’s CES. I am meeting with some of the companies over the coming days and will let you know my thoughts on their products. 

Gaming is also big, as you can imagine. As are TV’s – with the emphasis on 3D and LED. Then there are the iPhone add-ons, and digital imaging. I will be looking closely at the Netbook and integrated device offerings. Android and Google are the words on everyone’s lips. Let’s see what comes of this. 

Anyway, the first press meeting is about to start, so I will head over there now.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you will enjoy the updates.