One of the reasons I chose Digital Media for my Masters was the focus on Computer Games. A booming industry with top titles toppling Hollywood films in revenue generation these days. When I started programming in BASIC in the early 80s the Tandy TRS-80 was the bees knees in computing. But with the size, speed and memory, and hence power of computing doubling every two years (Moore’s law), those days are long gone.


Pacman was a revolution in arcade games in the late 70s/early 80s and eventually appeared on multiple platforms, but I bet you have never seen him like this before.

But even non-gamers will know the home consoles of today leaves that technology for dead.

Games Consoles

Motion control was released by Nintendo for the Wii (1) in 2005 and included a new one handed controller that measures tilt, position and movement input. Nintendo captured the market with the Wii owning almost half of the games console market share in 2007 (2).

Sony fought back with the recently released Sony Move – the ‘next gen’ of motion control gaming with the kind of High Definition super realistic graphics you are used to on your PS3;

Take a peek at this amazing looking street fighter game to get a sense of the kind of workout this will offer (may contain inappropriate content for children)

While Nintendo may have the trophy for the simplistic look of their Mii characters and all round champion Mario, but I think many gamers are interested in the next level of realistic graphics tied with motion controlled games – and it seems Sony agree.

The Future

Still not had enough? Well and good because it doesn’t stop there. It seems we are poised to take gaming to a new level again in early November with the launch of Microsoft Kinect.

A “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” video game platform that sounds every bit as exciting as it does unusual.

Amazing yes, but sounds weird right? Looks even weirder in action:

And the gaming community seems divided right now with limited releases and examples of actual game play available, will this new device peripheral be a hit or a miss? Only the quality of the games and immersion of the game play will eventually decide.

Maybe once we adjust to that initial weirdness of bopping around in front of our tv and start to think nothing of it, the same way that we have adopted mobile phone technology, this type of interactive social gaming has potential to be simply amazing. However it goes it has potential for one wild ride.

Just around the corner…

Who doesn’t want to romp around with lions and tigers, tickling their ears balancing on high beams and pulling their tongues out?

So how do you like your games? Pacman legend or wild about Wii?  Does motion controlled gaming excite you as much as it does this early adopter?