This morning was an early adopter’s delight. If you haven’t heard already then let me tell you about the latest tech gadget must have announced by Steve Jobs in San Francisco this morning.

It is called the iPad  and at 18.9cm wide and 24.8cm high it is a tablet style computer designed to slot into your life somewhere between your PDA/iPhone and laptop. Apple have launched this new device at the home user who wants portable web browsing, email, music and the ability to watch TV and Video in a sleek little book like device encompassing all of Apple’s gorgeous design aesthetic.

Let’s get the iPad tech specs that I can confirm out of the way first.


  • Measured diagonally the screen is 24.6cm making it slightly smaller than a magazine.
  •  Apple designed A4 1Ghz chip
  • Will support 7.2Mbps 3G as well as built in Wi-Fi based on 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1.
  • Speaker and microphone built in,
  • Remarkably thin and weighs just a touch under 500gms.
  • High-res LED-backlit screen with a 178o viewing angle. It is, of course, a multi-touch screen based on the same tech that’s in an iPhone, boasting superior precision and responsiveness that Steve Jobs calls “the best [internet] browsing experience you’ve ever had.”

There is tonnes more that I have skimmed over here (the Gadget Guy Pete Blasina does a nice wrap), and Engadget put the keynote presentation from Steve Jobs in pictures, but you can quickly imagine this will be one seriously slick bit of kit.

How will it fit into my life? First up I like sitting in the arm chair with a novel while watching TV and this is where I can see one very handy application for the iPad. Not having a fold out lid as per the normal laptop and sized similarly to a magazine I can imagine sitting there with my iPad quite comfortably, reading a digital book on the newly launched iBooks (US only at the moment) application in full colour (sorry – see ya Kindle) and catching up on study in-between.

In fact for me this is where the iPad will be most perfect, slipped into the iPad Case it will become my research assistant that doubles up as a portable multimedia device for study- music and entertainment. 

The extra connectivity it offers with my existing wireless bits and pieces are another benefit. Docking it upright and connecting a keyboard makes it that much more usable as a study device I don’t think I’ll even consider netbooks anymore. I can catch up with Mum on a video call and play games for entertainment from my hotel bed when travelling. Games on the iPhone are good but have never really taken me by storm because the screen is just that wee bit too small for my liking. I’m pretty sure that this larger screen device will eradicate that problem too, no doubt scaring the likes of Sony and Nintendo this morning.

I’m an early adopter, I admit it. I’m an Apple fanboy too and just as easily to admit is that there is definitely room for an iPad in my life.

How about you? Do you see this new device fitting into your digital life?