The tricky thing about being a Twitter addict is that you can’t read tweets while you’re driving, running, shopping, walking, ironing, or generally functioning like a normal human being.

App of the weeek: The Social RadioOne canny app developer has created a solution: The Social Radio. This smartphone app reads out your tweets while you’re listening to music, so your Twitter addiction can follow you almost wherever you go. It’s available for iOS and Android, with a BlackBerry version also planned for release. At the time of publishing this post, the app is free for a limited time.

I’ve been testing out the app while jogging and it is great. It’s also fun to listen to when you’re driving if you’ve run out of podcasts. Although there are a few minor improvements which could be made (it’d be nice if the # symbol was spoken as “hashtag” rather than “hash”), overall it’s great for a free product.

I got in touch with the app’s developer, Roberto Gluck, to ask how he got the idea for the app. “I was driving and reading my Twitter and I almost crashed!” he remembers. “I realised at that moment that I should’ve been listening to it instead of reading it.”

“My top personal uses for the app are while commuting and running. I also love to use it while working to keep updated on Twitter.”

Roberto thinks he may have cracked open an interesting niche, too. “I think that there is lot of space for apps that use the audio as the main interface, both to speak and to listen. Why? Because it’s a really powerful interface, and there aren’t much apps taking advantage of that. Why? Because it’s much more difficult to do it, you have to work a lot to make it work in a good way.”

There’s more to come, too. Roberto has noted that future versions of The Social Radio will allow users to interact with tweets and their followers, rather than just listening to the latest tweets.

Give The Social Radio a test run for yourself: