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App of the week: ShopStyle

Tech and Innovation

Posted on April 5, 2012

2 min read

To say I’m partial to a bit of shopping love would be an understatement- when someone coined the phrase, “retail therapy”, they must have had me in mind, because I utterly enjoy the feeling of a day’s good shopping.  Even at home, I can’t resist it.  You know those people who enjoy when junk mail lands in their mailbox? I’m one of them- I flip the catalogues from cover to cover even though I’m not going to purchase anything (“Discount car cleaning equipment, let’s have a look!”) because it all contributes to my shopping fix.

App of the week: Shop Style/></p> <p>Of late though, my latest obsession has not been an in-store experience, but a smartphone app.  Called <a href=ShopStyle, it basically combines thousands of items from various retailers globally into one nifty location, so instead of clicking in and out of various websites, you can compare everything from the one place.  Now online shopping has been around for a while and brands are continuously jumping on board with apps and sites galore, but there are mixed results- some are great, some not so good, and sometimes you just give up and head into the store instead.

That’s where ShopStyle stands out- instead of trying to mimic an in-store experience, it does what walking into a store can’t.  Imagine walking into a department store and going to a counter, and requesting all the dresses across different brands in a size 10 at a particular price be delivered into your hands so you can review.  Oh, and you only want the ones on sale.  Oh, and they have to be pink.  Yeah … we know the in-store experience doesn’t work like that.  That’s what makes ShopStyle so magical and is arguably its best feature—the ability to refine down to exactly what you want.

And the range … luxe, cheap, beauty, men’s … it’s enough to make this little shopaholic swoon.  Even deluxe furniture if you are game to purchase sight unseen … it’s nice to see Aussie brands in the mix as well.

The high-resolution photos, easy “zoom in zoom out” functionality and the fact it is bursting with items make this app a winner for the mobile fashionista—hours procrastinating, wanting and of course, spending, await.

So tell us how you use apps for your shopping wants & needs?