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App of the week: Official AFL App


Posted on July 27, 2012

2 min read

I’ve grown up with AFL being a pretty big influence on my life. That’s probably an understatement actually; my dad played for Richmond and my brothers played in the reserves for Richmond and the Bombers. Until recently though, my work life stayed pretty much AFL-free.

That was until I started working with the BigPond Sport team.  Telstra is behind three AFL apps – the “Official AFL App”, “Dreamteam” and the individual club apps and this year alone these apps have been downloaded by more than 1 million Aussies. Thanks to the team, from March to September even though I live in Sydney, my weekends once again revolve around the AFL.

Now, you might think this is because I work with the team who run the apps and I need to know what sort of experience our customers are getting. But, no, it’s because my boyfriend, Ryan, is an AFL tragic.

Traditionally during footy season my weekends with Ryan were completely dictated by when the Cats (Geelong) played; on match days we could only be at either of two places: home or a pub.  Now if the Cats are playing we can be doing anything. Well, by anything I mean anything that Ryan can do while watching his smartphone.

He’s watched Cats’ games while I’ve driven us down the NSW South Coast; while I watched a movie on the TV and, my personal favourite,  he watched the ANZAC Day clash while at a fancy lunch with friends. The girls were chatting while the boys huddled around to watch the game on Ryan’s phone.

Friends watchin AFL on the official app.

Not only does Ryan watch the game live on his phone, he also gets real time stats, listens to the radio live and when the game isn’t on he has news and videos at his fingertips.  Apparently I will get him back in October…..

This app isn’t just for Cat’s fans…what team to you want to keep up with on the go?

*The views expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Telstra.