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App of the week: Öffi Public Transport Buddy – Android

Tech and Innovation

Posted on May 9, 2012

3 min read

Oh public transport, how we love to whinge talk about you! Until recently my public transport app-world was fairly limited to the good old Metlink App. While perhaps not the sleekest app in the world, I could use it with confidence to navigate my way, door-to-door almost anywhere in Melbourne. However last week I discovered my trusty Metlink app had been updated to the new ‘PTV’ (Public Transport Victoria) app.

Now I’m sorry to say this but I thought updates to apps were supposed to make things better?! Unfortunately I quickly realised the information I’d come to rely so heavily on was now a lot harder to find on the new version.

At work I use a Samsung Galaxy S II and with so many apps available in the Play Store I knew there had to be something else that could do the job.

When I mentioned out loud the changes to the Metro app, my lovely colleague quickly introduced me to ‘Öffi Public Transport Buddy’ for Android.Like a knight in shining armour, it has swooped in and replaced the little hole in my heart that my trusty Metlink App left behind.

Straight away I was impressed. “Choose your location” – not just Melbourne, all of a sudden I can see my public transport options all over the world – Sydney, Switzerland or Sweden? You name it! Feel like looking up the bus timetable in Dubai? No problem!

Next up I was given a list of the closest bus, tram and train locations which could then be filtered by type: regional or metro. I could even choose to view only high-speed trains, “no nearby stations. Consider selecting another transportation network” (it was worth a try).

It then gives me a list of the next services for each transport type in minutes… not days! Like the original Metlink App I’m also being given the option to enter my start and end points and it will just fill in the details for me, no questions asked.

This app is oh-so user-friendly, smooth and is simply begging to help me with my public transport needs. Even though PTV has announced that they are bowing to public pressure and bringing back the much-loved old app, I am converted. Öffi, you are all I’ll ever need and more. Now to start planning my way across Europe…

Offi Melbourne

So what do you think of the public transport apps out there? Do you have a favourite PT app?

The views expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Telstra.