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App of the Week: Logos Quiz

Tech and Innovation

Posted on May 4, 2012

2 min read

Now as you know previously, I have spoken about the mainstreaming of games into everyday culture through Apple’s iTunes store and now recently through Android’s marketplace. The depth, breath, variety and gaming options available in these stores are utterly fascinating!

I go through games on my phone on a weekly basis (sometimes even shorter!) But more recently I have come across a rather interesting game – not because of its graphics, game storyboard or even its functionality. I find it fascinating purely because it taps into the subconscious knowledge and brand associations that people have percolating in the back of their mind.

Onto the game – it’s called “Logos Quiz

logos-quiz-blog-inpostNow as the name suggests it’s about guessing the name associated with the logo. Logos can range from car companies, to famous brands to technology platform and so forth. As you go forth and rack you brain for all those names you earn points which translate into hints. If you happen to get stuck on a particular logo you can get hints (up to three hints) or you can even ask your friends on Twitter or Facebook for some help (that social platform integration I had talked about in my previous post seems to have sky rocketed! ).

Furthermore you can even compete with friends to see who knows more logos.

Currently Logos Quiz is the top free downloaded application in the United Kingdom.

Have you been looking at the pictures above and been saying in your head yeah I know that logo and that one and that one?

What’s truly fascinating is how many logos do we actually know and retain in our head! Just by looking at a logo or even partial logo the name of the company instantly pops up in your head or the name of the company is on the tip of your tongue. From a marketing manager’s perspective or even a brand ambassador’s perspective the details form this application would be fascinating – it’s a snapshot into the customer’s brand vault! The brands they know instantly, the ones they don’t and everything in-between.