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App of the Week: Instagram for Android

Tech and Innovation

Posted on April 19, 2012

4 min read

Ever taken a photo with your mobile phone in the heat of a moment (because it was the easiest thing to get your hands onto) and realized…. that the photo actually looks okay, but with a bit of editing you can imagine it looking a million times better? I have. I do…everyday. And I will keep doing that until the memory on my Velocity 4G runs out. Even then, I will transfer them to my computer or get more removable memory (SD card), because if you’re like me, once you’re a mobile photographer – everything looks better on your palm sized mobile screen and you… just. can’t. stop. won’t. stop.

Lets rewind a bit. I mentioned a bit of editing. This may sound hard to you, but trust me it’s not.. and I really mean it, it takes a-b-i-t of editing, not a lot. I’m going to give you a quick 10-seconds to check out this link right now Welcome back. So you see, this app lets you snap pictures, choose a filter and then share it. Best part about it is that it’s made for mobiles. So whether you’re in the 80% of the population (Survey not reflective of the population and is purely based on my train-ride into the city everyday 😉 ) or have an Android like me – you, your mum, even younger siblings can take fantastic photos.

With 17 alternative filters to choose from, you can opt to make your photo look like a high-contrast vibrant photo, a classic Polaroid, a photo from the early 1900’s pr heaps of other unique styles and effects.. all at a touch of a button. Don’t forget the auto-brightness/contrast button too, which truly fine-tunes photos at the press of a button to highlight the subjects in the photo. Secondly, like me, you too can connect instagram to your social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or even Tumblr, as soon as you take an instagram photo, you can set it up so that it will automatically upload to your social media accounts.

See, I recently just got back from a 5-week holiday to the United States of America, and instead of writing status updates telling people what I did, and, all I did was take instagram photos and uploaded them with keywords and #tags and just told my “fans” to check them out. This means my trip was made available for all to see in a series of some really beautiful photos. You will see below my favorite photo from my 37-days abroad. This has to be one of the most magical moments in my life for me. I was at the top of the Empire State Building in New York City, standing there with this gorgeous girl I just met and as I was about to leave at 12:45am it started to snow. Yes, pure white snow, and for someone who hasn’t seen snow before it was just amazing – to even see snow, let alone 86 floors above the ground in the most populous city in the US, so what better way to keep that moment then to ‘freeze time’ and take a photo.

Having originally used it on my iPhone, Instagram truly was an instant hit with my new HTC too. So make it yours. If you want to see more of my trip, I invite you to check out my instagram – username: RawBerry

P.s. Believe it or not the best way in USA to meet people of the opposite (or even same) sex, is to ask for their instagram. Phone numbers are so 2008.

Happy Snapping.

New York - Instagram shot

Photo. From the top of the Empire State building, New York – Instagram shot