There is a phrase out there that no one likes to attribute to themselves. It is one that can make people feel vulnerable, and indicates a state of uncertain limbo. Unfortunately, as a recent graduate, this phrase applies to me – I am a ‘job searcher’, indeed I am.

I am not alone in having to use this phrase, there is a continuous stream of people out there in the exact same position as me, and thankfully, there are many sites and applications out there that help you change your title of ‘job searcher’ to ‘employed’. One that has particularly caught my attention is the Indeed application.

indeed mobile jobseeker appI downloaded the indeed application to my iPhone last week. I set up my resume online, and after a few quick alterations to the automatic upload of my resume onto, I was ready to job search.

As I launched the app and logged in, the first thing I noticed was the simplicity of the set up – all you have to do is type in a keyword, like ‘Marketing’, and the location ‘Melbourne’ in which you wish to find a job. Once this is registered, you are shown a list of job prospects according to your search criteria, which you can then sort by date, relevance or even to identify prospects within 5km of your current location.

The best part about the Indeed application is its ability to show you how many new jobs have become available in your allocated field/s since you last used it. For example, the last time I logged in, 17 new Marketing jobs had been newly advertised. However a flaw of the app is that there is only a small portion of available jobs that you can then directly apply for through the app – the majority of them re-direct you to alternative sites through the Internet.

I am yet to change my title from ‘job searcher’ to ‘employed’, however it has only been a week since I discovered the Indeed app, and I am more confident than ever that I will soon be a gainfully employed graduate.

Alexandra Deacon