With over 500 thousand apps now in the app store, there are a lot of cool apps out there, but I am still going to say that this is definitely one of the coolest apps that exists.

The core feature of the app is the ability to send someone a “Glympse” of where you are, and continue to share your real-time location as you move around.

Basically when you are meeting someone, somewhere, just send them a Glympse, so they can track where you are, how fast you are moving, and even get an estimated time of arrival (ETA) predicted by the app. Now they can literally watch you approaching the destination on their phone. So if you are running late or early, your friend will now know exactly where you are. Since discovering this app, when I’m meeting someone, there is no longer a need to constantly call each other – ‘Where are you?’ ‘How far away are you?’.

App of the week: Glympse – Free iOS location-based service application.

Best thing is it’s free to download and available on all major mobile operating systems. Next time you are meeting up with a friend impress them by sending them Glympes!

PS. As the app heavily relies on data transfer, it is optimized when used with a high performing network provider – I recommend Telstra.

Download Glympse now and tell us what you think.