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App of the week: Forecast

Tech and Innovation

Posted on March 29, 2012

1 min read

How social are you offline? From playing Words with Friends to Draw Something, taking a photo or even ‘checking in’ do you happen to be notoriously anti-social off-line while trying to be extremely social online?

If you want to keep your offline friends happy, you should check out Forecast. The app which is available for both iPhone and Android is the most innovative version of a Foursquare app that I have come across. With Forecast you can basically plan out your whole day, where you are going and what time you will be there. The app goes a bit further in keeping you social by allowing other Forecast users to join you on your next check-in by clicking “I’m going here”.

App of the week: Forecast

Once you have ‘Forecasted’ your day you will get a prompt to check-in to each place. Forecast is a fun way to keep checking in to your favourite places without losing friends. As you can imagine the company’s tagline is “It’s social networking that’s actually social”. Try it out today and tell us what you think