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App of the week: First aid – Android

Tech and Innovation

Posted on April 13, 2012

3 min read

Here is a quick question for you. Do you know how to perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)?

Not long ago I had the unfortunate experience of witnessing a man hit by a car and I have to say it gave me the fright of my life, let alone the poor man who was hit.

Being the person I am, my immediate reaction was to run to his aid. At first I could not see whether he was seriously hurt. Or should I say I could not visibly see any injuries. Seeing that the windscreen had been smashed upon impact I could not be sure of possible internal injuries. By this stage my mind and adrenaline were running wild. Not knowing exactly what to do I simply spoke calmly, asking a series of questions.  Are you in pain?, where does it hurt?

I asked for his name?, and I asked where did he live?, what day is it?, along with can you move your fingers and wiggle your toes?  All responses were positive thank goodness. This was telling me he is OK at this time, however I did not want him at any risk so the ambulance was called and soon arrived. All through this I was remaining calm (on the outside) which assisted him to remain calm and still.

App of the week: First Aid

A few weeks later I told of the incident at work and soon after I was approached to be the first aid officer for our floor at Telstra. My response was “for sure however I am not qualified to full fill the role”. No sooner did I blink, and I was off to the Redcross First aid course, signs of first aid officer were hung above my work station and the first aid kit was by my desk.

The Redcross First aid course was a 2 day affair, packed with how to do’s, role plays and lots of bandaging up others. It was not only informative and interesting, it was loads of fun and as it turns out I did the all the right things for the man I spoke of earlier, thank goodness. I urge everyone to do the course.

A lot of first aid is common sense and is simply to assist in the immediate moment. It is NOT to perform any medical procedure. It is also worth noting, as long as you don’t do anything beyond your capabilities you will not land yourself in court. This is a common fear and according to the Redcross, no one had been held liable for inappropriate first aid.

Now  that a few weeks have passed since the course , I have to admit I cannot remember everything so what better tool to have, you guessed it, a First aid App.

* While this app does not replace doing a first aid course I highly recommend you have this one.

PLEASE NOTE: The emergency numbers in this app are UK numbers. T0 call for emergency services in Australia you MUST DIAL Triple Zero (000).

Download it from Android Google Play today.

The views expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Telstra.