Recently, Facebook introduced a dedicated app to manage Facebook Pages on your iOS device. If you’re running a Facebook Page for your website or business, you’ve probably found it quite easy to manage it on your computer – but there hasn’t always been an easy way to perform the same tasks on your mobile.

facebook-pages-insights-inpostNow you can with the Facebook Pages Manager free app. The look and feel will be familiar to anyone who’s already using the official Facebook app. It provides most of the functions you’ll need to manage that crowd of fans while you’re out and about.

What I’ve found particularly handy is the ability to view Insights for your page within the app. In some respects, it’s even easier to use than the desktop equivalent. On one handy dashboard, you can view your total likes, how many people are talking about your page, and the weekly total reach of your page amongst Facebook users. You can even click into analytics for individual posts you’ve created on your page.

My only complaint is that the app doesn’t yet feature the ability to handle messages sent to your Page – although I don’t see why this wouldn’t be included in a future update.

It’s interesting to see Facebook extracting key functions of the website such as Photos, Messenger and Pages, and developing separate apps around them which provide a great experience – even if they do feel a little sluggish.

You can download Pages from the App Store.

There is also this mobile page from the Help Centre with some FAQs from Facebook.

What other specific Facebook features would you like to see developed as separate apps?