This week Telstra and HTC released Android 2.2 operating software for the popular HTC Wildfire smartphone.

The new software introduces some great new features including:

Froyo 2.2

  • A portable Wi-Fi hotspot mode where you can share HTC Wildfire’s mobile broadband connection with Wi-Fi enabled devices in close proximity.
  • A bigger text box to make composing SMS messages easier.
  • The ability to store apps on external memory.
  • New setting options including being able to independently change ringtone, media and alarm volume.

Here’s how to upgrade

  • The update is available over the air — meaning you can upgrade to the new software without using a PC.
  • Because it is a large update (56.88MB), we strongly recommend using a home Wi-Fi connection. Mobile Data charges will apply if the software package is downloaded via the Next G® mobile network. If you download via a mobile connection while you are on international roaming then international data charges will apply and this is not recommended.
  • Prior to requesting the update, make sure you have 25MB free on your phone’s internal memory to accommodate the update. To check this, go to Settings>SD & Phone storage, this will show the amount of internal storage available.
  • To request the OTA update, on your phone press the Menu hard key and go to: Settings>About Phone>System software updates>Check now.
  • This update method will retain files saved on your internal phone memory.

We hope you enjoy the update.

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