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Android 2.2 (FROYO) and Telstra’s HTC Desire: OTA now available

Telstra News

Posted on October 29, 2010

3 min read

HTC Desire has become that little bit more desirable with the release this week of new software that introduces the latest Google Android™ operating system to the popular smartphone.
The new operating system, called Android 2.2, unleashes some great new features including:

  • A portable Wi-Fi hotspot mode where you can share HTC Desire’s mobile broadband connection with Wi-Fi enabled devices in close proximity.
  • 720p resolution video recording (up from WVGA quality)
  • New widgets: Calculator Widget, FM Radio Widget, Market Widget
  • The ability to store apps on external memory
  • New setting options including being able to independently change ringtone, media and alarm volume.

We know many of you have been hanging out for this update for some time and we appreciate everyone’s patience while we worked with HTC and Google to test and release it. The release means HTC Desire on the Next G™ network remains one of the most advanced Android smartphones available in Australia – and one of the only phones to feature the latest OS from Google.

Why did it take so long?

Each major Android software release is almost as much work as releasing a new device, requiring HTC, Telstra and Google’s approval.  Unfortunately in this instance we were also held back by some unforeseen delays in HTC’s testing schedule.

Froyo Update 2.2Some people have speculated that Telstra’s own apps and links pushed the release timeframes out. To set the record straight, the testing of Telstra’s integrated apps and services added zero additional time to the release schedule. The bulk of our testing relates to making sure the phone with its upgraded software performs at its best on the Next G™ network — including ensuring customers get the best possible coverage performance and data speeds.

These are the things we know you care about and we’re pleased we’ve finally been able to make the fully-tested update available.

How to upgrade

Over the air

  • This is the easiest way to upgrade HTC Desire to Android 2.2 software. The over the air update also allows you to upgrade without wiping your current data.
  • Because it is a large update (92.75MB), we strongly recommend using a home Wi-Fi connection. Mobile Data charges will apply if the software package is downloaded via the Next G™ mobile network. If you download via a mobile connection while you are on international roaming then international data charges will apply and this is not recommended.
  • Prior to requesting the update, make sure you have 25MB free on your phone’s internal memory to accommodate the update. To check this, go to Settings>SD & Phone storage, this will show the amount of internal storage available.
  • To request the OTA update, on your phone press the Menu hard key and go to: Settings>About Phone>System software updates>Check now.

ROM update

  • Customers can download a compete replacement software package for their Desire from HTC’s website.
  • Customers will need HTC Sync 3.0 installed on their PC before commencing the upgrade.
  • This software download contains the complete updated software package for the device (also known as a ROM). The package is over 100MB and should be downloaded to a PC before being installed onto the HTC Desire via the bundled USB cable using HTC Synch software.
  • Customers are advised to follow HTC’s step by step instructions closely and backup, on an external device or memory card, their data which will be wiped in the upgrade process.