We recently ran the Connected Home Makeover competition and gave you the chance to nominate someone you knew who needed some major help in joining the digital age.

connected-home-blog-inpostWe were overwhelmed with excellent creative entries, but as the saying goes… there can be only one winner!

Janet Ward is the overall winner for nominating her Mum and Dad who really need our help; we can’t wait to install all of this amazing technology for you and your husband to enjoy, Gloria Moore!

The overall winner

Here is Janet’s entry that ticked all the boxes and earned Janet’s parents the Connected Home Makeover;

The age of the dinosaur still exists; My elderly parents still want to resist! The unopened mobile box, the computer that’s dead, An email address? NO! Snail mail instead! An all in one solution thanks to Telstra, Would let us ALL live happily ever after!

The runner ups

The runner ups were also of stellar quality and each of the following people will be receiving a Telstra T-Hub, a T-Box and $100 worth of BigPond Gift Vouchers.

Annabelle Nicholas

A biological and foster Daddy to seven, A “Helping Hand” would epitomise heaven! A newspaper delivered every day! Listens to “AM” radio news without delay! “2” televisions which are still black and white! Not “one” modernised form of communication in sight! A sumptuous treat would be welcoming and a delight!

Gem Alexandra

A dud I have been told; My Dad is getting old. Requiring devices to entertain, And to stimulate old man’s brain! Organising a boy’s club, He’d LOVE the Telstra T-Hub! Dad loves us to fuss, And would adore the Telstra T plus!

Amie Cawood

This nomination is for my mother who still thinks….. U-tube is found under her sink; Blackberry’s taste great in dessert; T-box is a type of shirt; Blu-ray’s have gills and swim; T-hub belongs on a wheeltrim; Twitter is a type of birdie; And a tablet is available from your pharmacy!

Elise Johnson

My Mum Thinks Big Pond is where ducks swim Google the sound babies make Mega Byte is breakfast cereal Motorola Xoom 2 is a car Windows she cleans Gig is a concert T-Box is where the tea is kept T-Hub a shopping centre. She has mastered 1234 for directory assistance.

So , with Janet eagerly lending a hand, we’ll be visiting Gloria and her husband with a professional Telstra technician to help them experience the real Connected Home makeover soon. We’ll capture the whole thing with some video so you get to enjoy the journey too.

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