This month marks 150 years of Nokia. Allow me to present to you a brief history of the company from one fan to another.

Engineer Fredrik Idestam founds a paper producing wood pulping mill company he named Nokia. Paper manufacturing moves to rubber, cable and electronics.

Nokia introduces its first radio telephones for use by the army and emergency responders.

Nokia creates its first car phone – the Mobira Sentor

Mobira Cityman launches, Nokia’s first handheld mobile phone. Weighing 0.7kg, and looking very similar to the original Motorola “Brick” – the Cityman achieves instant fame when Mikhail Gorbachev is pictured using it – and the nickname “Gorba” sticks.

Nokia launches its first GSM phone.

Launch of the Nokia 2110 (a phone I used and loved!) with the famous “Nokia Ringtone”.

The 5110 comes along with introduction of Xpress-on covers. (I still have my KISS Xpress-on covers and a few other non-descript ones at home). The Xpress-on covers set the foundations for many new mobile phone accessory companies to enter the global market and cash in on the new found “fashion” element associated with mobile phones.

Nokia 3210 launches and sells 160 million handsets worldwide. later gives you an idea why they held that #1 spot for so long! The 3310 followed in 2000, and many users still tend to tear up when they remember this phone.

The introduction of 3G opens up a whole new world for mobile phone users. It was now possible to access the web from a phone. To meet the market demands, Nokia launches the 6650 .

Launch of the Nokia Fashion Collection – the 7260, 7270 and 7280. A blend of old world art deco styling with an edgy, modern day twist, they launch the range at Fashion Shows. Handsets with textile wraps, a new “rotator” that replaces the Navy key; higher resolution colour screens, and leather and mirrored accents.

N-series phones. A true “smartphone” that allowed you to take pictures, access music and play games. The portfolio included the N70, N90 and N91. Another milestone for the company – 1 billion mobile phones sold globally!

Stephen Elop (ex Microsoft) became the CEO

Stephen Elop announces a strategic partnership with Microsoft. This partnership will see Nokia walk away from its Symbian OS and adopt Windows and the Lumia range is born.

Microsoft announces the purchase of the Nokia Devices and Services business for $US7.2 billion. Nokia continues as a networks and technologies company.

Former Nokia engineer Taneli Armanto partners with Rumilus Design to launch Snake Rewind. This update of the popular game, Snake remixes the well known elements and familiar gameplay of the original with modern production values. Available on Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.

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