In November, we warmly welcomed Telstra Pre-Paid Cap EncoreTM into to our amazing line-up of Pre-Paid offers. Packed with value and good bang for your buck, Telstra Pre-Paid Cap EncoreTM offers loads of bonus value and data to use whenever and however you like. Coupled with Free Talk and Text All Night, Every Night from 6pm-6am to standard Australian numbers until 23 January 2012, it’s a great deal for those who want an offer with the works… that works.

So, I’m excited to announce some great news which makes this an even better option for our Pre-Paid customers, and I know some existing Telstra Pre-Paid Cap EncoreTM customers will simply love this announcement. On the Telstra Pre-Paid Cap EncoreTM, data will now be charged per kB, rather than per MB. This means if you only want to use a little you won’t be charged for a lot. This is effective immediately as we couldn’t wait for Santa to come!

We think it’s great news – by reducing our data charging to per kB you’ll have more space to browse, connect, update, and share amongst your friends and family which I know is so important over the holiday season. And it makes Telstra Pre-Paid Cap EncoreTM an even more amazing package – oodles of bonus value to use so you can talk and text AND a chunk of data to share your Chrissie pics or Tweet your festive wishlist. It’s the perfect Pre-Paid gift for your mobile- they’ll love the value and so will you!

Exactly how much value? In case you’ve forgotten while caught up on Facebook or sitting on the phone talking to your BFF all night for free, recharge $30 and get $250 total value and 500MB data PLUS our little stocking filler of cheaper data. And there’s more….When you recharge $30 and above you’ll still get Free Talk and Text All night, Every Night between 6pm and 6am to standard Australian numbers for 30 days until 23 January 2012. OMG!

On Telstra Pre-Paid Cap EncoreTM, we cater for everyone… For those adventurous types who recharge $50 will receive an amazing $1,000 total credit ($50 recharge and $950 Cap credit) plus 2GB data, or those that recharge $100 will receive an astonishing $2,000 total credit ($100 recharge and $1,900 Cap credit) plus 4GB data. This just keeps getting better…

We are always looking for ways to make things even better for our Pre-Paid customers so we hope you enjoy this early festive bonus! We beat Santa to the punch!

Are you excited about the change? Feel free to drop a comment in the feedback below.

Happy Holidays, texting, talking and surfing!

For more information on the Pre-Paid Cap Encore click here.