Technology is changing the world every day and organisations need a network that can keep up with it. A new kind of network to adapt quickly, learn to improve performance and evolve to suit business needs. A network that helps them deliver better experiences and seize opportunities as they arise.

In May, we brought to you our vision for this new kind of network. The Telstra Programmable Network is our solution for enterprise customers looking for a digital platform to support their future growth, whether that’s expansion into new markets or the creation of new products. With the constant challenge of digital disruption on a global scale, we want to ensure our customers are equipped with the very best networking architecture to prepare themselves for whatever comes next.

Today, we have expanded the capability of the Telstra Programmable Network for our customers. As part of our enterprise strategy, we are continuously looking at how we can deliver better experiences for our customers to help them adjust in a rapidly evolving technical world. In our latest upgrade, we have partnered with VeloCloud to deliver an SD-WAN as a virtual solution to extend the branch for customers in Australia and globally. Businesses can now shift their branch network into the cloud, by deploying a single Juniper Networks Universal CPE device on site, and using a marketplace of Virtual Network Functions to deploy the required services – all through Telstra Programmable Network.

What does this mean for our customers?

We really looked at this release from a customer’s perspective with flexibility front of mind. In today’s world, businesses need solutions that are scalable, flexible and can support evolving changes, both within the organisation and outside of it. The addition of SD-WAN provides a more intelligent layer to flexibility of the Programmable Network, enabling customers to do more with their network as they digitally transform their business and scale and deploy additional applications when and where they need to. This capability helps businesses virtualise their physical hardware at each site and simplify network architectures while improving operations and application performance for users and customers.

Telstra bringing network innovation to Australia and beyond

As Australia’s largest telecommunications company, we are strongly positioned to provide an SD-WAN solution on a global scale. We are the only company in Australia and across APAC that can offer virtual branch networking, VeloCloud SD-WAN, and zero touch management – all in the cloud, powered through Telstra Programmable Network. This is part of our ongoing commitment to bring world-class network innovation to international markets.

As it evolves, our Programmable Network will provide a growing range of network, managed service, security, cloud and application services that can be ordered and managed via a portal with a single unified view, or by a customer systems interfaced via APIs. The range of services will be extensive and include services delivered from our platforms, plus complimentary third party infrastructure.