All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth……(Don Gardner, 1946)

This was definitely a sign of the times. The war had just ended, the world was trying to rebuild and re-evaluate, and the “now” generation was still about 40 years from being conceived. Happily our Christmas gift expectations have evolved since.

Speaking of which, I love to look at Christmas catalogues (online and in print) and thought it would be fun to share some gift ideas that are being promoted – just in case you are stuck for a gift idea for that someone special.

I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing it. Whether you celebrate Chanukah or Christmas, may it be a good one and enjoy!

$10 and under gifts

Big W have broken the $10 mark with their 6 x 8” Soft cover Photo Book. For $9.94 you can create a beautiful photo book up to 20 pages – complete with your own photos and commentary. A truly personalised and unique gift.

Up to $25 gifts

Ever tried using your iPhone with gloves on? Pretty hard to do. Well Dots – the maker of the iPhone Glove, have solved that problem.  For around $20 plus shipping, you can keep warm and use your iPhone with these knitted merino wool gloves. Dots have incorporated  a straight stretch cut finish on the thumb, index and middle fingertips, that lets you operate your iPhone with skin-like responsiveness .

Up to $50 gifts

Got a diver on the gift list? You can’t go past the 200 Lumen LED Diving Head Torch – a head torch that operates up to 30m underwater. Light provided by Luxeon Rebel LEDs, and the the fluorescent yellow on the headpiece is unmistakable in low light caverns and shipwrecks. $49.95 from Jaycar Electronics.

Up to $100 gifts

Got a budding musician in the family? Don’t want to spend a lot of money on something they may not want to continue with in the future? Why not look at the Electronic Digital Drum Set from Kawasaki. (I know, I also thought they only made motorcycles). Available from Dick Smith  this kit offers 8 drum pads, with 4 different drum sound effects and 30 different rhythms. Drum sticks included.

If you are a golf enthusiast, the MUST HAVE present for you is the SensoGlove, a golf glove that has a built in sensor that lets you know if your grip is incorrect. A built in LED display tells you your grip pressure, and is sensitive enough to change if you move just one finger!  All they need now is the glove that powers my shots! $US 89 plus shipping- from their website.

Spiderman fans – here’s one (actually two) for you. A pair of Spiderman masks with an intercom duplex system that allows you to talk and listen to your crime fighting partner as the same time. Both masks have a flexible microphone arm and adjustable intercom mask strap. All you need to provide are the 2 9v batteries. (Why do they NEVER include batteries? ) See more information here:  Last known price 34.99 Pounds plus postage.

Up to $150 gifts

Telstra has introduced a Pre-Paid Micro-SIM for iPad® recharge offer that provides 12GB of data for $150 – with a 12 month expiry. Data charges at 1.22c per kilobyte, this is great gift idea for you or your family. Say goodbye to the end of month “use it or lose it” feeling. Definitely recommended – I bought one last week!

Up to $300 gifts

T-Touch Tab
The Telstra T-Touch Tab is great value at $299 prepaid.  Featuring a 7” touch screen, this Android 2.1 based device is proving to be a very hot item indeed. You can connect it to the web either over Wi-Fi or the Next G™ network. The T-Touch Tab can also serve as your ebook reader or personalised movie player. Don’t forget – its also a phone! Available now from Telstra Shops and dealers.

Sky’s the limit gifts

Jaycar Electronics have the perfect gift if you are planning to spend some time outdoors this summer – and want to keep your devices charged and running. Portable Fold-Up Solar Panel kits starting at $399 for the 40W Folding Solar Panel, going up to 120W for $899.  According to their catalogue, “these fold away solar panel and charging kits easily charge your battery (not included) allowing you to run power, lights, TV etc wherever you stop”. The panels come with alligator clamp connections, a charge controller so you can’t overcharge your battery, and comes with heavy duty carry handles and latches. A nylon carry bag is included.

In the old days (when I was young), we used to take great delight in going down to the park or the beach and fly a kite. Well even this has been overtaken by technology. The Parrot AR.Drone billed as the first quadricopter for video games piloted by WiFi, is now available from select Telstra Shops for $349. A quadricopter is a four rotor helicopter, and you control it from your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Equipped with two cameras, the front facing camera broadcasts and streams what the Drone is seeing to your “i” device. The other camera, located underneath the body, is connected to an Inertial Measurement Unit which enables the Drone to measure its horizontal speed and perform incredible stationary flight. It even allows for turbulence caused by wind when flying outside.
Parrot AR.Drone
This is both a video game and a sophisticated piece of technology. Designed for indoor and outdoor flying, the Drone comes with a specific hull – with a white, grey and black cockpit – surrounds and protects the propellers if the Drone hits anything. It even comes with red and green landing gear diodes.  This sounds like it’s going to be a great toy – can’t wait to get my hands on one shortly.

Got any good ideas to share? Please let us know your tech gift finds.