Earlier this year, we indicated we would be undertaking some voluntary trials with a limited number of Telstra Bigpond customers to look at options for better managing the performance of our broadband network.

This customer-based research program is designed to help us look at ways to ensure all of our customers enjoy the best possible quality of service.

Traffic Management Trial

As part of our ongoing work to test customer experience and preferences, this week we are calling a small number of Victorian Bigpond customers to invite them to participate in a Traffic Management Trial.

This latest trial is focused on how our customers respond when network management techniques are applied in order to manage congestion. Some trial participants will be asked to evaluate how speed differences on non-time sensitive applications, like Bit Torrent, impact their overall customer experience.

Participants will be surveyed as to how short-term changes to the network impacted their experience.

The trial is limited to Victoria and only a few hundred customers will be able to participate. More details on our general approach in this space are available on previous Telstra Exchange blogs. I would reconfirm that this trial does not involve looking at or recording the content of what customers chose to consume on the internet.

Thank you

I’d like to thank all customers who choose to participate in any of our research.

Traffic on Telstra’s ADSL network has doubled on average every 12 months for the past four years. Your support has meant that we are in a better position to develop services, products, investment strategies and network management policies that help us meet this growth in demand and minimise the impact of internet congestion.