2020 is a time of disruption. That could be said of every year now behind us, but this year presents significant challenges to businesses needing to adapt and get stuff done quickly, securely and reliably. To ensure the best connectivity solutions for our enterprise customers, we know it’s time we self-disrupted to deliver flexible and market-leading connectivity tailored directly to our customer’s needs, with no lock-in contracts. Adaptive Networks from Telstra is our new category of network connectivity solutions.

There are three ingredients that bring Adaptive Networks to life:

  • Adaptive Connectivity: Flexible month-to-month, no-lock-in contracts with a choice of network and connectivity options, allowing customers to adapt their technology at speed as their needs change.
  • Adaptive SD-WAN: Investment in Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) capabilities to help customers harness the potential of hybrid networking, and smart integration of 4G and 5G with fixed networks.
  • Adaptive Core Networks: Investment in Telstra’s core networks, including expansion of Telstra’s flagship Next IP fibre network, Telstra Programmable Network, NBN connectivity and 5G to enable a move toward API-based flexible IT infrastructure.

Let me tell you a bit more about each of these ingredients.

Adaptive Connectivity

Flexible, modular and scalable networking on your terms

In business, our customers face many known and unknown challenges. More than ever during the age of COVID, these challenges often remain unknown until the very last minute. Without the ability to pivot your primary business enabler, connectivity, these last-minute consequences could wreak havoc on your business in a short stretch of time.

That’s why simplicity, choice and flexibility is at the heart of our new Adaptive Networks product. It gives customers the right product at the right time for the right need, wherever they need it.

Our Adaptive Networks products will be entirely flexible and totally modular so you can select the service you need for your business at a time you need it. You can select the right fiber access to suit your business, add on top an allocation of private connectivity or public Internet connectivity to allocate the right level of priority for your enterprise applications.

We’re also confident in our offering, and as a result, we’re introducing new month-by-month commercial terms, which means our customers do no need to enter into the typical multi-year contracts. This is aimed at giving you even more peace of mind that you’ll be able to do what’s right for your business when you need it. Aside from a few exceptions, customers on Adaptive Networks can add, reduce or even cancel their services without incurring early terminational penalties.

The ability for an employee to access their enterprise applications in a secure and reliable manner directly impacts productivity. These applications are hosted in the cloud and are designed to be used anywhere and anytime. With the proliferation of cloud services now working at scale to power the world’s email, entertainment and more, employees expect their enterprise networks to do the same.

This places real pressure on network connectivity as a whole, so businesses need to be able to rely on their network provider to deliver when the pressure is on. COVID-19 has placed enormous pressure on the world in a variety of ways, including (believe it or not!) to the world’s connectivity.

The need to be able to radically scale-up your network stack when opportunities present themselves is now as important as a need for security, speed and reliability.

The need for simplicity and flexibility is one we can solve with Adaptive Networks.

Adaptive Networks is a multi-year transformation program for our business, and we’re excited to show what we have today and tease what’s coming next.

Adaptive SD-WAN

Our Adaptive SD-WAN portfolio combines the best partnerships with the best technology and the know-how you need to get your organisation moving quickly through the transformation process.

Telstra’s Adaptive Software-defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) enables hybrid networking. With the choice of private versus public network (or a blend of the two); fixed and/or wireless connectivity and smart integration with our partners means that we have the right solution for just about any sized enterprise.

We know that the SD-WAN market is also crowded, which is why Adaptive SD-WAN is much more than meets the eye. It’s SD-WAN combined with security, mobility and availability, wrapped inside a blend of automated and managed services to help connectivity become more accessible and scalable for enterprise. We curate the best technologies, and deeply integrated SD-WAN gateways into our core networks to ensure that as a business environment changes, we can be there to alter the network to enable growth.

This allows you to intelligently route traffic based on application type, priority and business policies, streamlining your network to avoid congestion and keep your applications always-on for your staff and customers thanks to automation and orchestration. It’s also a highly resilient product, monitored by automation tools, engineers and monitors, backed by our vast global infrastructure and Australia’s best mobile network, if required.

Our partnerships with Cisco, Meraki and VMWare allow us to service a broad range of needs for your SD-WAN deployment, and our vast geographic reach means you can do more business in more places.

Not only dowe have strong technology on offer for Adaptive SD-WAN with Telstra, but we also pair it with our people and their market-leading expertise. Transformation is typically complex and can bog down an organisation for years if executed incorrectly. Thankfully, through professional services offered through Telstra Purple and our Partner ecosystems, we have the know-how to tailor an SD-WAN solution to your businesses needs to guide you through the implementation and roll-out of everything you want and nothing you don’t, thereby minimising risk.

We can not only help you implement and maintain a service, but also pick the right ones for your business to help with transformation at scale. And with the combination of automation and managed services, we can ensure your service is both highly available and highly flexible.

Adaptive Core Networks

Our core networks power Adaptive Connectivity and Adaptive SD-WAN. We’ll also be bringing together the speed and flexibility of our NextIP, Programmable Network, NBN, and Australia’s best 4G and 5G mobile networks for truly flexible and dependable enterprise connectivity.

So, how did our Core Networks become “Adaptive”? Telstra continued investments in our core now enable programmability that allows our core networks to operate at traffic peaks with latency detection to reroute traffic across geo-diverse paths. This enables high resiliency, allowing us to offer 99.9995% availability.

We have achieved ISO27001 for some of our core products that enable Adaptive Networks, which means security is at the heart of everything we do.

Leveraging our network orchestration capability, our customers can now connect within minutes to over 170 cloud service providers across 35 data centres globally.

And there is more in the hopper with 400G Wavelengths, tight integration with our 5G mobile core, mmWave, network slicing, Edge Compute, Cyber Security, and increased investments in our IT stacks that will continue to offer new features for our customers to evolve how networks can truly influence enhanced application performance for their employees.

The investments behind our Adaptive Core Networks portfolio represents more than $100 million of investment to make sure it’s ready when you are.

Bringing this all together

Having a deep kit bag of connectivity options and no lock-in contracts, latest technology choice, and continued investments into Adaptive Networks means that our customers have in Telstra a trusted partner who can truly help their business adapt to the changing needs of the future.

A business with seasonal offices, for example, could burst up and down as required. A holiday resort, similarly, can move its data needs up and down depending on guest numbers. Retailers can host pop-up events – with our mobile network – for customers to transact quickly and securely. It’s whatever you need it to be in a more cost-effective way.

And not only can businesses get great, reliable speeds from our Adaptive Core Networks, they can get up and running even faster. We know that it takes time to extend a new physical fiber services to premises that do not have it, so we are now enabling rapid activation through Australia’s best network that leverages our 4G/5G connectivity to ensure your business is up and trading quickly.

Adapting for what’s next

We are super excited by Adaptive Networks in what will become an evolving and exciting enterprise connectivity suite for our customers.

As we release the above to market, we’re still innovating on the promise of Adaptive Networks to create truly game-changing technology that powers business of the future.

We have an exciting roadmap ahead of us with new Adaptive Networks capability being introduced almost every quarter, the next one in December where we will introduce NBN access to Adaptive Networks along with enhancements to our SD-WAN and Digital Managed Services (DMS) offerings.

Customers place an enormous amount of trust in us to help them achieve their long-term goals. That’s why we need to continue to think what’s coming up next and disrupt ourselves in this moment to support those goals as they evolve.