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For two weeks beginning 29 November 2010, Telstra coordinated a social review of the new HTC 7 Mozart with Windows Phone 7.

For two weeks, our 25 Telstra Windows® Phone 7 social reviewers used the phone, tested out its features and functions, and shared their experiences with the social media world.

Latest Reviews & Commentary

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HTC 7 Mozart handset

WP7 Reviews & Discussion

Follow all the news, videos, reviews, comments and questions relating to the Social Review program by subscribing to the WP7 Social Review RSS Feed, or by following #TelstraWP7 on Twitter. You’ll find additional bits and pieces on Telstra’s YouTube channel and the Telstra Facebook page.

HTC 7 Mozart handset

Social Review Topics

If a reviewer shares your passions, chances are what they’ve got to say is going to be more relevant to you and how you use your phone. With that in mind, we asked our 25 social reviewers to “pick a passion” from social networking, Xbox LIVE and gaming, business mobility, apps & apps development, kids & family, and technology & gadgets.

We also created a handful of Telstra blogs exploring the same themes.

HTC 7 Mozart handset

Meet your reviewers

Get to know your 25 Windows® Phone 7 social reviewers. Find out what they are expecting from the HTC 7 Mozart with Windows® Phone, and from the social review program.


Read their profiles, ask questions, exchange ideas, tips and tricks.

HTC 7 Mozart handset

Windows® Phone 7 Forum

With this review, we’ve partnered with Microsoft to create a dedicated Windows® Phone 7 Social Review discussion forum. With any luck, the forum will become a one-stop shop for people’s thoughts and impressions of the operating system, the handset and the network.

* As with most forums, you will need to register and log-in to play.

HTC 7 Mozart handset

Get your own Windows® Phone 7 from Telstra

Windows® Phone 7 is a different kind of phone designed to bring together all the things you care about most. One glance tells you what’s going on, what’s happening next and what you’ve missed.

Windows® Phone 7 is available on a range of handsets, including the HTC 7 Mozart.