How to subscribe

You can subscribe to receive Telstra Exchange updates by email or via RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

How to Subscribe via Email

To subscribe to our daily email update service, simply enter your email address below.

Once your subscription has been confirmed, any new blog posts will be will be collated in a regular email update, and delivered automatically to your inbox.

How to Subscribe via RSS

You can also receive updates from Telstra Exchange via RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, which delivers blog posts to your computer or other web-enabled device, via an RSS-enabled browser, or an RSS reader.

For a short video tutorial on what RSS is, please take a look at RSS in plain English.

There are a number of ways to use RSS

RSS readers can be web-based, or downloaded as a widget onto your desktop. You may also be able to find an RSS reader app for your smartphone, or an extension for your desktop Web browser. After signing up, you can subscribe to updates by clicking on any RSS feed and copying the link into your reader.

Signing up for RSS updates is convenient and easy. Click the link below to access the Telstra Exchange RSS feed.

Telstra Exchange RSS feed