Following our record-breaking demonstration of 2Gbps enabled 4G download speeds at Mobile World Congress, we’ve taken another big step towards making Australia’s fastest mobile network* even faster.

Together with Ericsson, NETGEAR and Qualcomm, we started testing 2Gbps over LTE (or 4G) overnight in the Ericsson lab environment in Stockholm Sweden and with a prototype commercial device.

The results continue to be very positive, again demonstrating that by aggregating 100MHz of spectrum across various combinations of frequency bands and utilising 4×4 multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) technology, speeds of 2Gbps can be achieved over 4G. The tests also showed the new NETGEAR Nighthawk Mobile Router in action.

With the early success of the latest testing, we can now begin to plan to deploy the 2Gbps enabled 4G technology in our network, targeting high traffic areas like CBDs, stadiums and shopping centres. This will support even greater capacity and faster mobile speeds for our customers as the demand for data continues to grow.

We expect to deploy 2Gbps enabled LTE technology in select locations later in 2018. With the NETGEAR Nighthawk Mobile Router expected to be available in late 2018, we are gearing up to launch the world’s fastest 4G device on Australia’s fastest mobile network.

Enhancing the performance of 4G is also an important step forward in the development of 5G.

For most initial uses, 5G will not be a standalone technology. This means the quality of the underlying 4G service and how it integrates with 5G will go a long way to determining the overall mobile experience.

As this testing shows, there is still plenty of life left in 4G as we continue to invest in faster speeds and greater capacity on 4G as part of delivering the best mobile experience for our customers.

Deploying commercial 2Gbps testing with global leaders in technology, like Ericsson, NETGEAR and Qualcomm, is another example of how Telstra is innovating at the cutting edge of mobile technology.

We’re committed to continuing to deliver Australia’s largest and fastest mobile network*, providing our customers with an unrivalled network experience and preparing our networks for future growth.

*All references to Australia’s fastest network are based on national average combined 3G/4G mobile speeds.