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A Silver Hair Revolution

Tech and Innovation

Posted on October 26, 2010

2 min read

Telstra may regret unleashing the “Renaissance of Spirit” and may indeed think they have created a monster.

It started as a nervous stumble into the world of technology with ageing fingers trying to manipulate the effervescent youth of the mighty mouse, eventually bringing it under control.

As I explored the incredible medium of the net and seemingly the endless scope of information available, I realised that many “seniors” had embraced computer technology – and I was the late adopter. The “grey army” is definitely on the march with Churchill like bravado.

I doubt the Adlers and Mackintoshes would have predicted the “silver hairs” adoption of this powerful tool with most marketing directed at the young.

Imagine if Tony Abbott or Julia Gillard had embraced a policy giving “seniors” a rebate on the purchase of a computer, a near hung parliament would surely have been hanged. Perhaps an internet provider could consider a “seniors” discount for accessing the net, or take a leaf out of my local butcher and offer a “half price Tuesday”. Telstra has got the ball moving with its “Connected Seniors” program.

Imagine in humanitarian and dollar terms the advantages in educating the older generation in this technology. The stemming perhaps of the insidious onset of dementia and depression, feeding the brain with stimulus and positive self esteem.

Given the flatlining of population growth the “grey army” has become a powerful voice. We can stir the political pot by advocating internet access and government funded computers for all retirement centres for its therapeutic powers and communication aids.

Imagine the salivating advertising companies, retailers etc. promoting a government rebated computer scheme directed at “seniors”. A much safer stimulus package than pink bats or baby bonus funded plasma screens.

The “silver hairs” are on the march.

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