We’re bringing on new team members from across the country to help support our customers during this difficult time. Many of our new starters are from industries hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis, such as travel and tourism – amongst others.

The energy, positivity and drive being displayed has been nothing short of electrifying. It has been great to see our new starters embrace the training and seeing them go live with their first calls is simply an incredible result for our customers.

I’d like to introduce you to four of our new team members who join us from Bathurst, Adelaide, Melbourne and even one from her own home.

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Lyndall Hutchins, Melbourne

A previous employee of Telstra, Lyndall re-joins us from Australian Company Aussie Travel Saver, which supplies travel and everyday discount cards to tourists. With tourism coming to a halt, general manager of the company, Lyndall, wanted to keep as many of her employees in a job as possible.

To do this, she made the difficult decision to step down from her role for the foreseeable future so that others in her team could continue to work.

“I feel like I have come home after having spent 24 years of my life here.

“Ultimately it’s the amazing people who make a business a great place to work and that’s what I am really passionate about adapting into my every day at Telstra. I want to ensure our new starters are empowered with knowledge and confidence to do their job well.”

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Patrick Leano, Adelaide

Until recently Patrick worked at Adelaide Airport, checking in passengers for departures, and as a supervisor there he managed issues and customer service problems.

Patrick is also a returner to Telstra, having worked in our retail stores prior to his move into aviation. “I really enjoyed working for Telstra, so when I stepped down due to COVID-19, coming back to Telstra was an easy decision to make.”

“My experience so far has been great. The first day was a bit strange and I didn’t know what to expect from learning online, however the experience so far has been really good. The virtual training sessions have been really engaging!”

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James Hansen, Melbourne

Previously a Fundraiser Coordinator at World Vision, James worked on major campaigns such as the 40 Hour Famine, as well as being a professional runner. Hansen was meant to be lacing up his shoes at this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, but is now running a different race, using his talents to open an online coaching clinic.

James has been a Telstra customer his whole life so coming to work in the customer service team feels very familiar.

I’m really enjoying working for such a well-known company! I haven’t been involved in such a technical role before but the trainers we’ve had and the team around us have been awesome. I feel extremely supported and equipped to start what is essentially a complicated role”.
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Kate Dickson, Bathurst

A 19-year veteran of Flight Centre Travel Group, Kate is taking advantage of our flexible working arrangements by working from home. “Telstra is another great Australian company and brand to be proud to be a part of. I had a feeling they’d have great staff support and systems training and it definitely is, and I wanted to be able to work from home during these times.”

“It really has been amazing to feel instantly welcomed as part of the Telstra family.”

“The local staff here in Bathurst have been supportive and welcoming. We know this training & work from home situation is being created as we go, and Lyndsay Bayne and Ryan Mills have been amazing and provided a really supportive environment. There’s a lot to learn and I feel excited and nervous about becoming an NBN Faults Consultant next week!”