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A mission to march for the homeless

Telstra News

Posted on April 12, 2012

3 min read

Ever had the urge to carry car, truck and bobcat tyres while you exercise?  Well, last year my mate, Frank, said he’d pull and push tyres with me if I entered China’s Gobi March.

“Google it,” he said, “And let me know.”

What’s the Gobi March?

The Gobi March is no small feat. On foot across a high altitude, hot and dry desert, the Gobi March is a 250 kilometre race. That’s a marathon distance every day over six days in June, 2012.

My kit for the Gobi March It took a bit of persuading but I decided to take it on. Well why not? I was planning a family holiday so taking time off work was already on the cards and wasn’t going to be an issue.

However, what was an issue, I hadn’t even run down the driveway recently, let alone a marathon, especially not a marathon that scoured the tumultuous terrain found throughout the Gobi Desert.

The Gobi Desert is the largest desert region in Asia and the fifth largest in the world. The course takes us past Shipton’s Arch, locally known as Heaven’s Gate, a natural arch which is taller than the Empire State Building.

Dirt, sand, rock, sweltering heat, and minus freezing temperatures are just a few challenges I’ll face with only a small backpack of items to sustain me throughout the march.

That said and done, I always look forward to a challenge and working towards a goal keeps me motivated. I was certainly going to need to stay motivated.

I have dabbled in a bit of running over the years, but I’ve never run more than nine kilometres. Obviously that’s about to change. Then add a 12 kilogram back pack with a week’s supplies. Oh yeah!

Turning a mission into money for Mission Australia

It’s not a charity event but I thought this would be a great opportunity to fundraise. I chose Mission Australia.

I’ve made a commitment to myself this year ‘to be more giving’ and this was a perfect way to raise awareness and funds for a charity that positively affects the lives of numerous children and homeless people, has a national reach and they’re one of Telstra’s Community Partners.

Their vision is to overcome disadvantage across the nation, something I’m personally very passionate about.

On your marks, get set, GO!

I’ve set myself a target of $10,000 to fundraise for Mission Australia through my Gobi March.

I’d love it if you could join me on my mission.

You can follow Robbie’s progress and contribute to his fundraising efforts by making a donation through his Gobi March for Mission Australia page (internet access required).