We’re always making improvements to the My Telstra app, to give you the best digital experience out there. This month’s updates include a new and smarter way to get served in our stores with digital queueing.

We’re working continually to add new features to the My Telstra app to make it even easier for you to manage your Telstra services – and even nab a few rewards along the way.

Join a Queue: a smarter way to safely queue

Joining a socially-distanced queue is a sign of the times, but with technology we can make the experience in our Telstra Shops convenient and fast. It’s called Join a Store Queue and it’s built into the My Telstra app from December.

You can use the app to join a queue at any participating store, even before you leave the house to ensure maximum efficiency. Join a Store Queue will even allow you to see how many people are ahead of you, providing an estimated wait time for the store of your choice via the app.

Once it’s your turn to be served, a SMS notification will be sent to your phone, and you’ll have 10 minutes to arrive at back in store and see one of our team. To join a store’s queue, simply head to the Get help tab in the app, select ‘join a store’s queue and select from the participating store list.

Making Telstra Plus more rewarding

Haven’t you heard? We’re making it even more rewarding to be a member of Telstra Plus, with new benefits for our members, including a better in-app experience.

Until now, tapping on your Telstra Plus info on the Home Screen, sent you to a simplified view of your Telstra Plus balance. Now you are directed to a redesigned, dynamic dashboard view. Featuring colour, graphics, and illustrations for a much more engaging experience.

Not only does it look much more appealing, it also connects to all things Telstra Plus in the one experience. From the dashboard view you can now:

  • See your tier, points, annual spend to date, and anniversary date
  • Redeem your points for rewards
  • View your points history
  • View the benefits you’re eligible for
  • See exclusive offers and discounts
  • Access VIP service as Gold member and Messaging support as a Silver member

On Silver and Member levels, you’ll also be able to see what you can do to level-up, and what benefits are waiting for you when you do!

And there’s more! This month, our app will also allow you to add on a Telstra Smart Wi-Fi booster to your account for better coverage in more places in your home.

Simply head to the Google Play Store or Apple iOS App Store to update for these and many more new benefits from the My Telstra app.