We recently visited one of our customers in Canberra who are embracing the power of the nbn and smart home technology.

Greg and Beth Peck are a tech savvy couple in their 50s who have been trying out new home tech since connecting to the Telstra nbn network. They started building their connected home of the future last year when they purchased a Telstra Smart Home, joining the thousands of Australians embracing connected tech on the nbn to help make their day-to-day lives run a little smoother.

The couple both have Google Pixel 2 devices and Samsung tablets on the Telstra mobile network, along with the Telstra Smart Home Watch and Monitor system, indoor and outdoor cameras, door and window sensors, the new Telstra TV2, The Frontier Gateway Modem and many more. Now they can do more things with tech in their home than ever before.

We asked the Pecks what a typical day looks like for them:

Early morning: Greg starts work early so the more he can set to automate before work the better. He sets the coffee machine to turn on at 4am using the Smart Home app, or he’ll ask Google Home to turn on the machine as he walks into the kitchen. Using a Smart Home motion sensor in the back living room where his coffee machine is, the light automatically turns on so he can find his way in the early morning darkness.

During the work day: When they’re at work, they can use the Telstra Smart Home app to check the front door cameras for any deliveries or parcels at the front of the house or check the indoor cameras to see what mischief the cats are getting up to.

In the evening: In the evening when they’re home they use Google Home to turn on and off the TV and play music, as well as turning the lights on and off.

On the go: Beth’s moving away from her traditional note-taking by using Google Home to put things in her calendar and add to her shopping list.

They’re also using motion sensor cameras to notify them of movement inside when they’re out, to help give them peace of mind.