When I think about HTC I think: beautiful design, boom sound and fantastic imaging with a great camera. The stunning HTC One M9 delivers on all of this and more and arrives in-store with Telstra from 24 March.

With a Telstra-exclusive colour on offer and super-fast download speeds thanks to compatibility with our fastest 4G service yet (4GX), here’s what you can look forward to.


HTC Themes puts your personality at the centre of your smartphone experience. Select a photo and it will analyse the colours and modify the look and feel of all your apps, colour scheme and backgrounds so that every part of your new phone reflects your personal style.

Contextual widget

HTC One M9 with Sense 7 is smarter than your average smartphone. Android users will be familiar with the benefits of widgets, but HTC’s contextual widget takes your home screen to a whole new level. It doesn’t just house your apps, it curates them based on your location. For example when I’m at home the Facebook or Fitbit app will appear in the widget, but when I’m at work the Calendar app will be ready at my fingertips. The widget also knows what other widgets you have on your device and it won’t double up!


You’ve probably seen the ads about what faster feels like with 4GX. Well if you haven’t already experienced it, you will with the HTC One M9. Customers using it in 4GX areas will experience faster speeds than those on our regular 4G area because it’s a Cat 6 LTE device, typical speeds range from 2Mbps – 100Mbps in 4GX areas. This means more streaming, less buffering. More play, less pause.


This is probably the biggest improvement we’ve seen to the HTC One M9’s specs from the popular HTC One M8. The 20 megapixel camera will capture crisp, intricate detail and also shoots movies in 4K resolution.


HTC are known for their dual front-facing speakers and HTC BoomSound™ now features 5.1 channel Dolby® Surround sound simulation. When it comes to smartphone speakers, the experience is pretty immersive. Watch videos with virtual surround sound without headphones and be the life of the party with your playlist pumping through the speakers.

Colour exclusive

If you’re looking to give your phone that personal feel on the inside and out, you can get the HTC One M9 exclusively in Gunmetal Grey with us from launch for the first three months.

Pictured: the HTC One M9 in Gunmetal Grey.

Android Lollipop

Lollipop features the beautiful interface design with content responding to your touch in a more intuitive way. With improved integration between smartphones, wearables and tablets, you can pick up on one device where you left off on another.

Stacks of Storage

How many photos, songs and apps can you fit on your HTC One M9? This device boasts 32GB onboard memory, 100GB cloud storage with Google Drive for two years and a MicroSD slot allowing you to add up to 128GB more storage via a MicroSD card (sold separately).


The HTC One M9 is available outright for $936 RRP, or on a range of plans including:

  • Consumer: $82/mth on a $70 Mobile Accelerate Plan with $12/mth handset repayment when you stay connected for 24 months (min cost $ 1968 ($82/mth) excess data 3c/MB, 2 min standard call $2.38).
  • Business: $85/mth on a $85 Easy Share Business Plan with no additional handset payments when you stay connected for 24 months (min cost $2040 ($85/mth) excess data 3c/MB, 2 min standard call $2).

Also if you pre-order the HTC One M9 online from 18 March at 9am until 24 March 8:59am, you’ll receive Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones valued at $229 RRP.

Things you need to know: Telstra 4gx: the Telstra mobile network offers 4gx in all capital CBDs and selected suburban and regional areas and is progressively rolling out to more places. in other coverage areas around Australia, you’ll automatically switch to our fastest available 4g, which is offered in all capital CBDs and associated airports, most surrounding suburban areas and in over 300 regional areas, or our 3g. check coverage at telstra.com/coverage.