This weekend is all about celebrating the amazing women in our lives – and that includes handing over control of the remote. Whether she’s into dark comedies, mysterious fantasies or mindless reality, there’s something for every mum on Telstra TV. Here’s a selection of our favourite films and shows to enjoy together this Mother’s Day.

The Greatest Showman (BigPond Movies)

The Greatest Showman (BigPond Movies) - Telstra TV

Boasting a stellar cast, a seriously catchy soundtrack and the most colourful costumes we’ve seen in a while, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN tells the tale of P.T. Barnum, a showbiz visionary who rose from nothing to create the ‘circus’ as we know it today. Starring Australia’s Hugh Jackman, Zac Effron, Zendaya and Michelle Williams, among others, this talent-packed film takes the format of an original musical, promising loads of singing, dancing and antics from some of our industry favourites.

Picnic at Hanging Rock (Foxtel Now)

Picnic at Hanging Rock (Foxtel Now) - Telstra TV

Visually stunning and tantalisingly mysterious, this six-part Australian series is based on Joan Lindsay’s classic 1967 novel of the same name. The show follows the aftermath of the strange disappearances of three schoolgirls and their governess in 1900, exploring the far-reaching impact of the event on the other students as paranoia sets in. Quickly, PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK viewers will see long-buried secrets come to light, along with a better understanding of how powerful nature can be.

Younger (Stan)

Younger (Stan) - Telstra TV

Full of the sass, colour and ambition of New York City, this female-driven drama follows Liza on her journey to get a job in the highly competitive publishing industry. Surrounded by hordes of YOUNGER, talented women, she undergoes a makeover and swaps her40-year-old age for 26. With the help of a few trusted friends and the determination to succeed, Liza spends the rest of the series making sure no one discovers her secret – but not without a few speedbumps along the way!

I, Tonya! (BigPond Movies)

I, Tonya! (BigPond Movies) - Telstra TV

It was one of the most memorable scandals in sports history, and this comedic drama deep-dives into the life of talented figure skater Tonya Harding and the backlash surrounding her. Starring Margot Robbie, I,TONYA gives real insight into the infamous attack on competitor Nancy Kerrigan, which was planned by Harding’s husband. Dealing with an abusive mother, massive doubt from the industry and judgement from the entire world, the film is surprisingly entertaining as it tackles real events.

The Good Place (Netflix)

The Good Place (Netflix) - Telstra TV

Following her death, self-absorbed Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) accidentally arrives at THE GOOD PLACE in her afterlife. Quickly realising she’s there by mistake and determined to stay, she spends the rest of the series trying to become a better person. Packed full of laughs, tears and a whole heap of morals, this colourful series is sure to bring a smile to your face as you binge through both seasons with your mum or on your own.

Bachelor in Paradise (TenPlay)

Bachelor in Paradise (TenPlay) - Telstra TV

If your mum’s a big fan of the escapism of reality TV, she’ll love sitting down to catch up on the most recent season of BACHELOR IN PARADISE. Set on an exotic island populated purely by ex-contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, fan favourites try to heal their broken hearts as they explore new relationships with other cast members. Like with every reality series, the pursuit of a potential partner is sure to include mass jealously, unexpected intruders, and a proposal.

Pitch Perfect 3 (BigPond Movies)

Pitch Perfect 3 (BigPond Movies) - Telstra TV

The third film in the extremely popular musical-comedy series follows the Bellas after winning the world championships, finding themselves splitting apart and struggling with job opportunities. Thrust with the opportunity to reunite for an overseas tour, the lovable group of unlikely friends come back together to make music and questionable life decisions. Packed full of laughs, PITCH PERFECT 3 is the perfect pick for a lovely night in with your mum.

The Good Fight (SBS On Demand)

The Good Fight (SBS On Demand) - Telstra TV

This action-packed political drama picks up just one year after the events of the final episode of The Good Wife, the multi award-winning show that saw a politician’s wife fighting to balance her career and family following a very public scandal. THE GOOD FIGHT follows the fallout after a huge financial scam, destroying the reputation of a young lawyer and wiping out her godmother’s savings. Joining forces with familiar faces to restore their careers and funds, the group proves how powerful women can be when banded together.

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