With many of its shows and films possessing the same action, drama and romance you’d expect from a live-action series, there’s no surprise Anime is gaining huge popularity around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned animation viewer or you’re keen to find out what the craze is about, here are some of the best anime shows on Telstra TV.

Pyscho-Pass (AnimeLab)

Psycho-Pass - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

Set in a dystopian future, simply considering committing a crime makes you a target, and in PYSCHO-PASS on AnimeLab, justice is decided by electronic devices able to scan your mental state. Once deemed a ‘risk’, authorities are dispensed, utilising their weapons however they see fit. Addressing totalitarian governments and questionable gun laws, this action-packed sci-fi series will keep you on the edge of your seat – begging to binge more.

Attack on Titan (AnimeLab)

Attack on Titan - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

One of the most popular anime series and a great starting place for beginners, ATTACK ON TITAN on AnimeLab follows a degrading world where humans have been forced to retreat behind enormous walls of a fortified city. The horror that awaits outside? Massive, man-eating Titans that threaten to destroy the town’s peaceful existence. With only a handful of men surviving the journey beyond the wall, defeating the looming danger proves to be more difficult than they could have imagined.

Sword Art Online (AnimeLab)

Sword Art Online - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

In the near future, a popular virtual reality game called SWORD ART ONLINE on AnimeLab allows users to control their avatars with their bodies, competing with others all over the world. But drama ensues when the game’s creator locks players in the game, holding them captive until they reach a seemingly unattainable level. Knowing if they die in the game, they die in real life, their struggle for virtual survival has never been so critical.

Sailor Moon Crystal (AnimeLab)

Sailor Moon Crystal - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

Based on Naoko Takeuchi’s legendary manga series, SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL on AnimeLab is a modern, and slightly more accurate, remake of the internationally popular anime series from the 90’s. Retelling the story of Sailor Moon on her search for her fellow guardians, this beautiful series will be loved by adults and children alike as the gifted group seek to stop the dark forces of Queen Beryl and protect their world as they know it.

Dragon Ball Super (AnimeLab)

Dragon Ball Super - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

After 18 years since the last original storyline from DRAGON BALL Z, DRAGON BALL SUPER on AnimeLab acts as a sequel to the highly popular 90’s show. With Majin Buu defeated and Earth at peace, Goku has attained the powers of a god while living a humble life as a farmer. But with dark forces awakening, he is forced once again to travel to alternate universes and defend his world from the dangerous deities that await him – promising die-hard viewers and the next generation a whole heap of action.

Astro Boy (AnimeLab)

Astro Boy - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

Set in the near future, 2030 AD, a young robot known is rescued by Android Advocate Dr. Elefun after being abandoned by his creator. With super-human strength, X-ray vision and the ability to fly, Elefun guides him to utilise these special powers for good, helping him become ASTRO BOY on AnimeLab. And with a city under threat from crime, evil, and injustice, Astro Boy must learn to defend mankind from dangerous robots and humans alike.

Death Note (AnimeLab)

Death Note - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

You may have caught this addictively dark series on Netflix, but before the show you know today came this game-changing anime series. In DEATH NOTE on AnimeLab, life changes forever for star student Light Yagami who stumbles across the misplaced notebook of a death god. Discovering that any human whose name is written in the notebook will die, he vows to use the book’s power for good. But with wanted criminals dying all over the city, authorities are dispatched to track down the murderer.

Your Lie in April (AnimeLab)

Your Lie in April - AnimeLab - Telstra TV

Proving anime isn’t all action and sci-fi, YOUR LIE IN APRIL on AnimeLab follows the life of child prodigy pianist after his abusive mother and ruthless instructor dies, sparking his emotional meltdown. Unable to hear his piano or see colours, Kōsei had succumbed to dull and lonely world when he meets a passionate violin artist with a very eccentric style. Feel invigorated and full of life, you’ll love watching the budding relationship of these two complex characters with hidden secrets.

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