Is your smartphone starting to feel a little tired? Are your selfies not getting as many likes as they used to? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your old smartphone and get the freshest new features. Here’s our pick.

1. Impressive cameras

Camera specs are getting better and better every year. Now you can get your hands on a smartphone that will give you DSLR-like experience with amazing software and hardware advancements!  That way, this year’s hottest smartphones will help keep your Instagram posts on point.

2. Beautiful viewing
With advancements in camera technology, its important that smartphone screens keep up as well. People are creating, sharing and streaming more content so it’s important to have a smartphone screen that can deliver vibrant viewing and really bring your photos and videos to life.

3. Splashproof
It’s a tough world out there, dust, water. Thankfully more and more phones are designed to withstand the occasional splash or spill – no more soggy smartphones! In my books this is a must-have so you don’t damage your device or lose precious memories.

4. Bluetooth headphones

Ok so it’s not exactly a phone feature, but let’s face it, wireless is the way of the future. Once upon a time those little white headphone cords were a statement, but we’re seeing more people going wireless.  Some of the most popular smartphones are saying goodbye to their headphone jacks.

5. One size does not fit all

Much like shoes, when it comes to your phone, you need to find the right fit. Most smartphone brands release different versions of their flagship devices to make sure you find the right size for you. If you’re watching heaps of TV or live sport, then bigger screens are the way to go. But if it’s all business and phone calls for you then maybe the smaller fit is what you need.

6. Feeds the need for speed

Not all phones are created equal when it comes to mobile web speeds. Some phones are Category 9 LTE which means the phone can access different parts of the network so you can enjoy a fast connection when you’re streaming or surfing in 4GX is areas.

7. A streamer’s dream

Don’t just get the latest smartphone, get the latest plan too. On selected Telstra mobile plans, you can make the most of data-free music streaming with a 6 month Apple Music Membership, plus you get three months free subscription to Netflix, Stan, Presto (data charges apply) and access to live NRL and AFL apps. This way you’re fully equipped for your next streaming sesh.

So are you feeling the smartphone FOMO? Wishing it had all the latest and greatest features on your device?

Why not upgrade? We’re giving our customers great value with a generous trade-in offer of up to $400 for eligible phones to help them get their hands on a new smartphone. Also if you want to find out more about our Apple Music Membership offer you can check out all the details here.

Things you need to know

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