When we think of iconic battles on the big screen, it’s hard to overlook classics like Schindler’s List and Black Hawk Down. But in recent times, we’ve been gifted with a string of truly brilliant war films worthy of any ‘best of’ list. Here’s our favourites, all ready to stream on your Telstra TV tonight.

Dunkirk (BigPond Movies)

There was huge hype surrounding Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of the battle of Dunkirk, and with good reason. With a stellar cast boasting names like Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy and Harry Styles, the raw emotion felt by the soldiers and commanding officers is well-portrayed and entirely believable. Pair that with gorgeous shots of rolling waves and blood-sprayed sand, and you’ll find yourself hooked for the full 107 minutes. Not to mention, the accompanying score is one of the best around, provoking every emotion from anxiety to relief.

Watch Dunkirk on BigPond Movies on your Telstra TV.

Churchill (BigPond Movies, Foxtel Now)

This ticking-clock thriller closely follows the incredibly tense 24 hours before D-Day, the largest seaborne invasion in history. Set in June 1944, the film is centred around former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s attempts to stop the large-scale campaign from occurring. Fearful of repeating the same mistakes made in Gallipoli, Churchill anxiously anticipates disaster as he clashes with his allied political opponents in a heart-stopping race towards the Normandy landings.

Watch Churchill on BigPond Movies or Foxtel Now on your Telstra TV.

Fury (BigPond Movies, Netflix)

Fury follows a war-weary, extremely cynical American tank crew through Germany in the final days of World War II. Led by a lovably tough Brad Pitt as the team’s commander, the soldiers come face-to-face with the Nazis, and end up an in extremely climatic battle as they’re forced to take on an SS battalion alone. Focusing on the inevitably rocky relationships of men stuck in a confined space for three years, Fury gives us real insight into the emotion behind WWII.

Watch Fury on BigPond Movies or Netflix on your Telstra TV.

Allied (BigPond Movies, Foxtel Now)

Staying on the Brad Pitt trend, the actor is joined by gorgeous French actress Marion Cotillard in the most seductive war-themed thriller we’ve seen in a while. In Allied, two WWII operatives, posing as loving spouses, are pitted against each other in a tense 72 hours as they attempt to save their family and prove her innocence. Fearful of their true identities being uncovered, the film delves into the pressure placed on families during times of crises.

Watch Allied on BigPond Movies or Foxtel Now on your Telstra TV.

Hacksaw Ridge (BigPond Movies, Foxtel Now)

Directed by a man familiar with brilliant battle scenes, Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge follows the extraordinary true story of Desmond Doss during the bloodiest fight of WWII. As a strict Seventh-Day Adventist, the American soldier was the only only man serving in Okinawa without a gun or weapon. Despite this, Doss went on to incredibly rescue 75 men from death on the front lines, which saw him become the first conscientious objector to be awarded a Medal of Honour.

Watch Hacksaw Ridge on BigPond Movies or Foxtel Now on your Telstra TV.

Bridge of Spies (BigPond Movies)

Inspired by true events, this Spielberg-directed thriller portrays the remarkable story of James Donovan (Tom Hanks), a Brooklyn attorney who finds himself thrust into the centre of the Cold War. When he’s sent on a seemingly impossible mission by the CIA, Donovan is forced to risk everything as he negotiates the release of a captured American pilot. Tense, political and extremely well-acted, this film gives a cinematic peak into the make-or-break decisions during the Cold War.

Watch Bridge of Spies on BigPond Movies on your Telstra TV.

Their Finest (BigPond Movies and Foxtel Now)

Putting a slightly lighter twist on Wold War II, this romantic drama follows on from the battle of Dunkirk, telling the story of a British film crew attempting to boost morale by making propaganda. Starring Gemma Arterton, Sam Clafin and Bill Nighy, Their Finest includes just the right amount of comedy as a relationship grows between two screenwriters, giving audiences further insight into how entertainment was twisted to send subliminal messaging.

Watch Their Finest on BigPond Movies or Foxtel Now on your Telstra TV.

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